At Last, Discrete Smart Jewellery For College Students, Designed To Keep Them Safe

With already $17,682 USD raised by 172 backers and a month left there is a new smart jewellery line ready to grab your attention. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where 1 in 4 college women are sexually assaulted before graduating college. This is a sad fact, but the good news is that there is a new range of smart jewellery brand called invisaWear that is all about putting safety first.  Some of you might be thinking, there are already smart jewellery wearable brands like Blinq, WiseWear and ProdigIO adding a layer of security and safety for the wearer so why should I be bothered about another wearable brand attempting to join the market? Well, to that I say, invisaWear stands out because it is specifically designed for the young college student.

invisaWear Jewellery

Feel Safe To Be Footloose And Fancy-Free

Working on Bluetooth technology, the intelligent ornament works by instantly sending your location to emergency dispatchers and loved ones during an emergency even when your smartphone is up to 30 feet away. Discreetly hidden in a charm, you can initiate an alert with a rapid double button press. Additionally, the button actuation point is designed so that a substantial amount of pressure is required to press the button, making it difficult to clumsily activate it by accident. But should that happen by accident, you have 30 seconds to deactivate the alarm via your companion app.

“We live in a world where 1 in 4 college women are sexually assaulted before graduating college.”

Founded by Raja Abdelaziz and Ray Hamilton, the idea was born after Rajia, who used to use pepper spray while she was in college, realised that a device that could allow her to quickly and discreetly alert her loved ones during an emergency did not really exist. It this realisation that led to Rajia and co-founder Ray feeling morally obligated to use their engineering skills to create life-saving technology that could be embedded in fashionable jewellery.

Smart Jewellery

Catering to all styles, you can invest in either a necklace, bracelet, choker, keychain or a simple clip for your bag or purse if jewellery isn’t your thing or if you a guy who wants try out the wearable tech.  The lightweight jewellery is available in either plated 14k gold or Rhodium. Sweat and weather resistance, the invisaWear can even be used abroad because it has been designed to work in over 135 countries. Do note, that this is contingent upon your phone being able to make calls overseas.

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With a battery life designed to last one year, invisaWear is compatible with smartphones running Android™ version 4.4+ and iPhone models running iOS 9.0+. If you would like to invest in this tech gem, you can, for a limited time only, pledge as little as $59.00 (USD) for a set that includes a gold or silver invisaWear charm and your choice of whether you want it on a chain, choker, bracelet, or keychain.

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