Digital Detox With Blinq’s 14k Gold Smart Ring Wearable

Smart rings are the accessory du jour. Neyya, Oura, Ringly, Moodmetric and now Blinq, it seems like when it comes to wearable technology for our fingers, the digitally savvy female are spoilt for choice. 

Blinq is a Montreal based startup that is launching its ring collection September 2017. With design at the forefront, Blinq brags three core smart ring technology features. The first is notifications. The ring is designed to alert the wearer through vibration or LED Gem-Glow technology. The second is the fitness and activity tracking ability and the third is the SOS distress function, which adds a layer of security and safety for the wearer.

Blinq Wearables make for stylish smart rings

Wearables For The Digitally Savvy Female

Exploring the wearables space together are Blinq founders David Mamane, and David Sigal. Both jewelers with 20 years’ of experience, have designed the collection with fine jewellery aesthetics ​in mind. On filling a gap in the market for smart fine jewellery, Mamane shared with FashNerd, “The most existing products sacrifice form and style in exchange for function. Many smartwatches and other wearable technology had awkward ‘bulk’ or used sporty, not-so-sexy materials like rubber and plastic. For fashion-conscious consumers, that just wasn’t good enough. We set out to create smart, fine jewelry using precious metals and genuine hand cut gemstones that look as good as it works. We spent hours designing beautiful rings that seamlessly integrate high-tech with beautiful style. The designs speak for themselves.”

“Many smartwatches and other wearables had awkward ‘bulk’ or used sporty, not-so-sexy materials like rubber and plastic.”

Besides being the smallest Bluetooth enabled wearable technology jewelry on the planet, according to Mamane, the finger ornaments are have two standout features, an SOS Alert system and the gem-glow technology. The SOS Alert system is a geo-location system that keeps you safe no matter where you are. The gem-glow technology gives the wearer the option of receiving notifications through a special backlight that lights your gemstone up in a colour of your choosing.

Water resistant and made from .925 Sterling Silver and 14k gold, the technology includes a built-in step counter and activity tracker that syncs your daily activity logs with the Blinq app. You can get a full daily reading of your total steps, calories burned, and total distance accumulated. Also, Blinq uses API integration, which means that the ring is able to connect to many apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Styling Blinq Wearables

Made of precious metals, the Blinq ring collection comes in 7 high quality genuine gemstone possibilities that range from moonstone to pink jade. Available in 3 different finishes, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and coming in 12 different styles, we have styled the rather stunning white gold ring that boasts a mesmerising blue gemstone. The wearable device has been partnered with a frilly top from Topshop, Naf Naf leather skirt, 3D printed United Nude shoes, and a tech bag by Mezzi.


With plans to release 2-4 collections a year, Blinq rings Mamane shared their future planes with us, “We will also be expanding with 5 bracelet styles that are at the moment in prototype phase”. The collection will be priced from $149.00, ($129 for the early birds during their Kickstarter campaign).

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