Augmented Reality, The Technology Destined to Change the Future Of Beauty

Coty's iconic brand, COVERGIRL, has partnered up with Holition, an award-winning digital creative studio, to bring you the Augmented Reality Experience.

We recently wrote about how Coty, one of the world’s largest beauty companies, designed the ‘Let’s Get Ready’ skill for the Amazon Echo Show. It was a personal beauty assistant skill that provided a unique voice and visual consumer experience that celebrated diversity by giving personalised look recommendations based on a user’s characteristics. This time around, one of Coty’s iconic brands, COVERGIRL is making the headlines with their latest innovation. The well-known beauty giant has partnered up with London based Holition, an award-winning digital creative studio that focuses on digital retail and beauty tech to introduce AR to COVERGIRL. Previously, Holition collaborated with Rimmel to revolutionise the beauty tech space with Augmented Reality and Virtual Try-on Tools.

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AR Pushes The Beauty Industry Into The Future

The partnership between Holition and COVERGIRL feels like it could be the kind of collaboration designed to specifically push the beauty tech space that little bit more mainstream. Working together, the two companies have launched the first full look live mobile-web try on experience. Using AR, they have made it possible for the user to access the virtual try-on directly onto their iPhone device (which needs to be running on iOS11 or higher) or their Android smartphones (latest models only) without the need for an app download.

“It feel like the kind of collaboration designed to push the beauty tech industry that little bit more mainstream.”

I gave the experience a go to see whether it does what it says on the box. What I found out was that it does, but only to a degree. I had to bear in mind that AR technology is still in its infancy, so the experience itself was not fantastic. When you access the experience you are able to try on five new Spring ‘18 beauty looks. When I did this, I able to virtually apply each beauty look to my face using the live camera. Although it is available on a mobile device, I gave it a go on my desktop computer.

Augmented Reality
In the comfort of my apartment, I tried the Holition and COVERGIRL experience.

On their latest venture Jason Forbes, Chief Digital and Media Officer, Coty, said, “As a challenger in beauty, our goal is finding better ways to meet unmet shopper needs. Virtually trying on complete trending looks, without having to download an app or go to a store, are great examples of this. We’re excited to partner with Walmart on this initiative, giving online shoppers a specific and seamless path to purchase their favourite COVERGIRL beauty looks.” 

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Ukonwa Ojo, Senior Vice President of COVERGIRL, Coty, added, “At COVERGIRL we believe that makeup is so much more than a cosmetic – it’s a tool for self-expression. That’s the inspiration for our new brand purpose and campaign, ‘I am what I make up.’ As part of this mission, we need to show up for beauty lovers in compelling ways that resonate with how they absorb content and shop for products. This means being present when they are searching for inspiration to create whatever version of themselves they feel like being in that moment. This is why we decided to develop a tool that would allow them to try on full-face beauty looks, rather than a single product, and make these looks instantly shoppable.”

As each beauty tutorial demonstrated the new AR tool and provided a step-by-step on how to get the look using the pre-selected Spring ‘18 products, the COVERGIRL x Holition experience is definitely a fun way to try before you buy. Admitting that they see a future where the experience is expanded to include their other brands, Coty is already working on defining the try-on experience and features, which is definitely good news for the makeup tribe. Although the overall experience wasn’t perfect, it was little bit clownish, and I felt like it did not cater to the majority but that being said I do think that Coty is onto something. I appreciate the convenience aspect of what AR can bring to the beauty industry. If you would like to give it go, remember that it is best tried in good lighting. Try it HERE, then let us know what you think.

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