Holition x Rimmel: Beauty Technology Meets Human Experience

With Millennials expected to outspend Babyboomers in 2017, Holition x Rimmel collaboration is revolutionizing the beauty tech space with Augmented Reality and Virtual Try-on Tools

It is no secret that technology advancements have been revolutionizing many industries for quite some time now. From fashion to retail,  the ever-changing face of technology is disrupting the way we operate as consumers, and the newest recruit is the beauty industry.

When it comes to the evolution of beauty technology trends, there are a few companies that have had their fingers in the pie for quite sometime, and one those companies is Holition. We wrote about Holition a while ago. They are an award winning digital creative studio who have built a reputation in the digital retail and beauty tech space. Formed as a venture start-up, Holition explores and expands the role that technological innovation can play in communicating with today’s new digital consumer.


New Technology in the Beauty Industry 2017

The creative services agency has worked with the likes of Charlotte Tilbury on the development of interactive Holition Magic Mirror, Douglas on virtual cosmetic try-on ‘Face by Holition and now Rimmel. The partnership between Holition, Coty, Facebook, and Rimmel London has given birth to a new digital first in beauty, the ability for consumers to create bespoke augmented reality content. The series of new live cosmetic try-on effects can be made available within Facebook’s new in-app camera and Facebook Stories.

“Rimmel is empowering users by allowing them to try out and see new make-up trends and looks on themselves rather than on a model or influencer.”

Available since the 3rd August 2017, users are able to virtually try on several of Rimmel’s unique and edgy eyeliner looks right from the in-app camera, which can then be shared within Facebook Stories, Facebook Live feeds or on their timelines. Users are also able to try on original eyeliner looks echoing the brand’s edgy and young feel – from the triple flick to the double mod. The creation of the effects of Facebook’s in-app camera is part of Rimmel’s ongoing strategy to give consumers inspirational and seamless ways to experience makeup. I am sure that we all remember Rimmel’s disruptive augmented reality technology “Get The Look” which allows users to snap and “steal” any look from the streets, social media and magazines, is an example of this strategy in action.

Get The Look: Face of Rimmel, Rita Ora

With over 2 billion monthly users, 55%of which cite Facebook as a primary source of inspiration for beauty, Rimmel’s decision to bring its unique and fun try-on experience to Facebook was a strategic move. Fred Gerantabee, Global VP of Digital innovation at Coty, comments: “Coty is focused on continuous digital transformation of our brands to ensure we are continuing to exceed consumers’ needs. We have always placed importance and tremendous value around augmented reality and virtual try-on tools across our brands, including Rimmel, Sally Hansen and Clairol, and it made perfect sense to bring that same excitement and exploration to the world’s most ubiquitous platform – Facebook – in a way that’s perpetual, and scalable. For Coty this isn’t a “one day only” deal – we aim to make beauty, exploration and sharing new looks a central part of Facebook users’ daily interaction with and enjoyment of the platform. The new in-app camera gives us an exciting way to do exactly that.”

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Montse Passolas, Global VP of Marketing, Rimmel London, added, “With Millennials expected to outspend Babyboomers by 2017, it is becoming increasingly important to answer their need for innovative yet easy to use technology, that makes their purchasing decision more engaging and easier. With our new Facebook Camera Effects, Rimmel is empowering users by allowing them to try out and see new make-up trends and looks on themselves rather than on a model or influencer. This makes it even easier for consumers to pick out shades and styles that best suit their features and complexion.”

Jonathan Chippindale, CEO Holition commented, “Our partnership with Coty/Rimmel London has highlighted an exciting breakthrough as it demonstrates how the hyper speed ‘EdgeYourLook’ app can harness the scale of augmented reality for Facebook’s 2bn users. As one of the early pioneers in augmented reality we are always searching for new ways for more people to experience its sheer fun and playfulness”.

Download the experience for free on iOS and Android app stores.