Ore’s Mindful Tech Concept Connects Fine Jewelry With Natural Science

We take a look at London-based jewellery designer's groundbreaking take on "wearable technology" and how it has prioritised sustainability.

We recently came across a new collection of extraordinary timepieces made up of rare, precious and extra-terrestrial materials that embody place, time and movement. Bragging aesthetic appeal, the mindful tech collection, by modern jewellery brand Ore, investigates how luxury can be understood and envisaged in a digital context.

Mindful tech

Ore is one of a few creative partners selected to collaborate with Surrey Nanosystems’ Vantablack – a remarkable substance that reflects only 0.036% of the light that strikes it. Manufactured from millions of minute carbon nanotubes, it is grown onto the gold in a reactor then hermetically sealed behind an aperture.

Mindful Tech’s Profound Connection with the Universe

Handmade by a craftsman in Hatton Garden, Ore is setting its sights beyond wearable technology that counts steps and heart rate, to create a profound connection with the universe at large. Co-founded by architect and designer Tess O’Leary and her partner Daljit Singh, a design strategist, O’Leary told the Telegraph; “We don’t see ourselves as part of the ‘wearable tech’ movement, which is driven by technologists and product designers. We’re primarily a fine jewellery brand, focusing on the more magical, sensitive and subtle role technology can play in the luxury sector.”

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The mindful tech links wearers of its jewelry to the movement of the stars and the migration of endangered species. The smart jewelry lights up when its wearer’s geographic coordinates align with the coordinates of the meteor it tracks. An Ore piece of jewelry is capable of providing an alert when a herd of endangered elephants changes its feeding spot. O’Leary comments: “The wearable technology market is focused on the notion of utility – wellbeing and alerts. We have looked at how technology can create emotional connections, playing a more sensitive role in the luxury sector – far beyond communications, commerce and content.”

Mindful Tech
This wearable tech jewelry gives you peace of mind.

On defining Ore as a wearable technology brand O’Leary told Glossy, “Technology can play a more sensitive role in luxury by introducing a layer of emotional intelligence into fine jewellery. We are creating a space that is truly differentiated from mass-market wearable technology. We believe that we offer a more profound notion of luxury.” 

LUCY, Designed With Science Fashion & Craftsmanship

From the mindful technology collection, there is a stunning piece called LUCY. It is a hand-made ring fashioned from 18-carat gold, livine crystals etched from Pallasite meteorite, and Vantablack®. Each ring has a connection to a single white dwarf star – giant diamonds in deep space weighing billions of carats. Bespoke technology embedded in the ring’s core connects LUCY’s custodian with an assigned white dwarf star. Ore’s memory logs and archives the custodian’s position wherever they are in the world at the moment of illumination. It’s a thrilling reminder of the allure and vastness of the Universe.

LUCY’s elements are shaped into an elegant spherical form that encapsulates gold-plated micro-circuitry. The team works with fastidious hunters who comb landscapes to find Pallasite Meteorites that have crashed to Earth and collaborate with master jewellers in London’s Hatton Garden to select, cut, and polish each piece. My favourite has to be the charging dock crafted from 20,000-year old Irish peat oak serves as the ‘brain’, which updates the mindfulness wearable with the wearer’s current location in relation to its star. This logs their position at the moment of illumination, meaning the owner’s unique journey can be traced and replayed by future generations.

The smart jewelry piece LUCY launches in early summer. Next, Ore will be collaborating with wildlife agencies to connect jewels with the mass migration of animals.

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