PYRATES x Manu Varas, Intelligent Ready-To-Wear That Benefits Your Body

As the only company using vegetal fiber in textile, PYRATES smart fabrics has partnered up with Manu Varas for their well-lit project.

Last year we wrote about Fashion Fusion finalists, and one of those finalists, in the Digitally Enhaced Fashion category, was PYRATES.  Along with others they were part of a competition run by Deutsche Telekom international. Targeting creative minds from fashion and technology space, Fashion Fusion not only challenged design thinkers but also offered them support to make their idea go from concept to reality.

include PYRATES, headed by Regina Polanco, Omar Benomar, Zuzana Kralova, Marie Lietaro.
PYRATES, headed by Regina Polanco, Omar Benomar, Zuzana Kralova, Marie Lietaro | Photo Crefit Fashion Fusion

PYRATES, headed by Regina Polanco, Omar Benomar, Zuzana Kralova and Marie Lietaro, is committed to creating textiles of the future. The innovative brand has developed a smart fabric that brags qualities like premium quality, softness, and durability. Their product, which benefits the skin and body, has been certified by scientists of various institutes in Europe and has active components that heal, soothe and care for the body.

With such a great product on their hands, PYRATES is no stranger to collaborating with brands and designers. They enjoy joining forces and creating fashionable armours against the external elements. This time round they have partnered up with Manu Varas, a designer who is part of the “designer in residence” program at TheStudio by ElektroCouture and is known for experimenting with the integration of electronics into clothing.

Together they have come up with the well-lit project. Their concept is centred around intelligent ready-to-wear ensemble. They have designed apparel that provides light in the darkness and gives a symbolic feeling of safety and comfort. Using high-tech water repelling fabric, they combined it with a new smart textile, developed by PYRATES. The new fabric improves blood circulation, thermal function and skin moisture.

When it comes to the technology, the finished product has LEDs connected to a light sensor that ensure that it reacts to the outfit’s surroundings. As the only company using vegetal fiber in textile, the garments will not only automatically start to glow in the dark but the fabric also hides a natural technology. Currently PYRATES is the only company doing this.