Translating Technology – Striking The Balance Is Key

As technology continues to become more complex it becomes even more important to explain it in a way people can understand. If you make it too simple people will not understand the true value – too complex and they will not understand anything about how it helps them.

Translating Technology

Smartphones are one of the best examples of technology that has managed to translate its technical features into understandable and compelling consumer benefits. So how has the mobile phone managed to achieve the level of acceptability and adoption that it has?

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Personalisation has been a key aspect to the success of a mobile phone – no one phone has the same ring tone, apps, back drops, cases…. This has set an expectation of technology fitting to meet an individual’s needs. This is one of the key areas where wearables have struggled. There are some points of hope, but the majority still offer a one size fits all approach.

Translating Technology
Trina Watt’s Keynote at Fashion Tech Berlin
[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Personalisation is absolutely key to wearables reaching the adoption level that mobile devices have managed to reach[/inlinetweet]. There really isn’t anything more personal than a wearable. So far a lot of wearables and clothing tech have included technology because they can – not necessarily because they should. Making sure any technology has a clear linkage to a consumer benefit is key.

The closer you can relate the technology to something the consumer knows well then the higher chance you have at success in convincing them of the benefits.

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Trina Watt, BEng, MBA, has been involved in the technology industry for over 23 years. Always interested in translating technical concepts into understandable business and marketing messages, Trina currently focuses on helping companies to maximise the impact of technology on their business.