Yumi Smiles Away The Fear of Another SmartHome Internet Attack

In a time where it’s safe to say that the Internet of Things has lost its innocence, smartwatch brand Omate have come up with the most adorable robot. An embodiment of Amazon Echo’s Alexa, this is not the first time that Omate has shown us a healthy level of empathy, there was their collaboration with famous fashion house Emanuel Ungaro

Omate Yumi

The Alexa-enabled robot has been named Yumi. A friendly house robot, Yumi is basically a nicely designed voice controlled Android tablet with a 5-inch 720p screen that can look at you and show different facial expressions. The much cuter version of the Echo is an affable house robot, equipped with an on-board microphone.

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Omate Yumi

Last month’s Internet attacks on SmartHome appliances have basically been an outcome of what everyone in the nearable-tech(IoT) space feared for a while. Yet, we all saw it coming. IoT devices, in particular internet-connected cameras, have shown to be an open door to anyone with hacking intentions. So Omate’s strategy to have their smart home device show us a friendly face is a great strategy that hopefully won’t be perceived as today’s IoT smart killer-clown. Anyway, it’s a well played out strategy that could make Yumi as well received as Amazon’s Echo, which is currently the most successful smart home device. I find myself appreciating the fact that by offering a cute robot-like device will motivate the early adopters to want to bring Yumi home. 

Omate Yumi

Starting at $349, Yumi will be available in white and black models. Estimated to ship in March 2017, Omate plans to start their Indiegogo campaign on 15th November 2016. For those that can’t wait, you can sign up at Omate’s website for an early bird discount.

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SOURCEImage Credts: Omate