EDITOR’S PICK: Rock Star Smart Skinny Jeans For Only $44.94!

The fact that not many people cannot pull off a pair of white jeans did not put me off putting them on my Christmas wish list this year. Why? Because the ones I want are not any ordinary pair of white skinnys, they are stain resistant jeans with the kind of technology that will keep spills at bay.


Rolled out by Old Navy, the Stay White classic soft denim has been treated with a stain-resistant wash that magically makes liquids roll off the surface. Melissa Morrin, Old Navy’s senior designer for women’s denim, confidently told Refinery29 that their Mid-Rise Stay White Rockstar Skinny Jeans for Women have been created to ensure that worries about accidental liquid spills like coffee, juice, and wine are the last thing on your mind.


As one of the people behind the “labour of love” project, Morrin shared that the stain repellant technology is all about preventing spills, spots, and scuffs being highly visible on jeans especially white jeans. In doing so they made sure that the new fabrication did not sacrifice the stretch of the jeans that Old Navy is famous for. This is good news for us, because we love a bit of stretch in our jeans. Every woman knows that they fit better when they have that little extra give. On how they did this Morrin stated, “We wanted to start off with [our customer’s] favorite fit and are exploring adding this technology into a boyfriend jean to give her more Stay White options.”


What we love most about these game changing skinny fit jeans is that the technology has not made them crazy expensive. Which is good news for many women. So we dare you to go and grab a pair for just $44.94 and test them out. I am sure you will be impressed with how spills can easily be wiped off clean. Any remaining stains, if any, are very small and will easily come out in one wash. On this Morrin explained, “The technology will perform well through 20 home wash cycles, though the stain-resisting technology allows for more wears between washes.”

img_6224By simply using technology to solve this very common wardrobe problem puts Old Navy’s skinny fit white jeans at the top of this editor’s Christmas wishlist.