CEAM, Invisible Nano Technology Meets Modern Design

Getting to know the brand fusing nanotechnology and fashion in a simplistic and innovative way.

Always on the look out for something new in the fashion tech space, it was quite exciting when we were introduced to a new clothing brand called CEAM. The NY based brand has designed a capsule collection of garments impervious to spills, everyday wrinkles and sweat stains.


Targeting both men and women, CEAM’s contemporary designs have been created using a fabric that is stain-resistant, water-repellant, and odor-resistant. Easy on the eye, the collection, made of 100% cotton, includes dresses, cropped shirts, oxford shirts, tees and outerwear. It is the kind of range that will appeal to those who like to rock a minimalist look.

CEAM Menswear
CEAM Menswear

Working together with Dropel, CEAM has incorporated DropelTech Cotton that repels spills while maintaining softness and breathability. All about invisible nanotechnology, Dropel came up with a fabric that works by manipulating atoms to create an invisible microscopic layer that protects against inconvenient everyday stains like coffee.

CEAM Womenswear
CEAM Womenswear

When it comes to the drawbacks of this brilliant idea, there are a few things that consumers need to be aware of before investing.  In order for your garment’s water repellancy to remain there are specfic instructions that need to followed. Firstly, be aware that the effect will only last through 15-20 washes. The less you wash, the longer the effect will last. Secondly, ironing on a high heat may affect the treatment. They suggest using a steam iron on a low setting to remove any wrinkles. Lastly, their hydrophobic nanotechnology might repel water-based liquids, but it is still susceptible to dirt and oil-based stains. Hot liquids may also result in increased staining.


These are the kind of drawbacks that challenge makers into find a solution. But until then think of it like owning a cashmere sweater, it comes with specific instructions that need to be followed in order to keep the quality top notch. Now the question is can you live within those limits? We know we can because we believe that this kind of technology is only going to get better. So if you would like to invest in the ISO Certified, PFOS-free, and PFOA-free, CEAM’s collection then take note that prices range from $80-$310. Pledge your interest via their Kickstarter campaign page.

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