The Misfit Phase, a Fitness Tracker Meets Traditional Timepiece

When it comes to the new Misfit Phase, we wonder, is it a case of another day, another smartwatch? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. Personally, we think that Misfit has been going through a style evolution at the hands of Fossil, with the end game being a more fashionable wearable with the power to appeal to a wider audience.Misfit PhaseThe watch is Crafted from materials that include satin aluminium and stainless steel. Water resistant, the Misfit Phase offers the fashion conscious wearer the stylish ease of interchangeable straps with a simple button closure. Another great perk worth a mention is that the Misfit Phase does not need to be charged, it instead requires a battery change every 6 months.

Misfit PhaseWhen it comes to the smartwatch’s key features the Misfit Phase tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep. On the notifications front, the watch offers custom app notifications along with the regular vibration alerts for calls and texts. The main selling point that Misfit is shouting from the roof top is its smart button. It is a function which allows the wearer to wirelessly play and pause music, take a selfie and control smart home devices which is a feature that was available on one of their earlier products, the Misfit Shine.

Misfit Phase

Delving deeper into its specifications, the Bluetooth enabled Misfit Phase has been designed with a 3-axis accelerometer to automatically track fitness and sleep quality. It also has a colour coded indicator that you can customise to show who is calling, texting or emailing. Continuing on the subject of specifications, we applaude how the Misfit hybrid smartwatch does truly allow us to control our world. A great example of this is, should you misplace your phone, you can use the Phase to call yourself so you can locate it.

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Which brings us to whether the Misfit Phase is worth your hard earned cash. Well, we must admit that the Misfit Phase is a good-looking smartwatch but the problem is so are many other smartwatches that have recently been launched. For a smartwatch to truly standout these days it needs to offer more than its competitors. Not only in price, but also in features. For the Misfit Phase, its competitors, in our opinion, include Fossil Q Tailor, Fitbit Blaze and Activité Steel. Compared to them, how does Misfit Phase fair? Well, the features it offers such as the time, steps, sleep, calorie counter, notifications and interchangeable straps are pretty much the same as its competitors.

Misfit Phase

If we were to take the competitors out of the equation, another problem is that nowadays all it takes is a tweak here, and a touch there for traditional watchmakers to smarten their watches. This kind of easy access to technology presents wearable companies with a challenge of how to stand out. Is it awful to demand more? Because being beautiful with everyday smarts like every other wearable is not enough anymore, we want more.

Misfit Phase

Bringing it back to what the Misfit Phase does offer, we can confirm that it’s available in 6 colour combinations. Be sure to look out for beautiful the white/gold combo and the handsome blue/gold. Priced at $175 (note: price will vary depending on your location), the Misfit Phase will be available as of the 7th November 2016. To pre-order the Misfit Phase, you will have to subscribe to their newsletter, which you can do HERE.

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