ATLAS Wearables, Fashioning Up Fitness With Science

Atlas Wearables, aiming to end empty fitness promises and build a future on the foundation of science & research.

The sports industry has been integrating technology into every aspect of sports training to enhance performance including nutrition and physiology. So it is only natural that the next step would be for the industry to experiment with wearable technology like Atlas Wearables and its ever-evolving ecosystem.

Atlas Wearables
Dashboard: rapidly analyze trends and progress to create and share fitness programs and routines.

Founded in 2013 by Peter Li and Michael Kasparian, Atlas Wearables is ‘the only fitness wearable’ that not only automatically identifies your exercises, but also records your reps and essential data in unprecedented detail. Their software infrastructure has been designed to help users take control of their workout routine and fitness content. By removing the burden of manual tracking entirely, the Atlas wearable works alongside the Atlas Workout Tracker app for Android Wear smartwatches. Available for $4.99/€5.49 at the App Store and Google Play, you will be able to see at a glance, which muscle groups you have worked out and with a swipe you will be able to go back in time to compare your heart rate, caloric burn and velocity data. Automatically learning 3D, the app allows you to build custom workouts with a few taps, so you can explore and learn new exercises.

Atlas Wearables

Recently Atlas announced that they are joining forces with select Olympic medalists and Trainers so together they can help athletes reach their full potential. By using data-driven technology that focuses on people who exercise and coach their joint effort will give athletes access to their workout tracking, biometric monitoring, and progress metrics, including compliance and remote tracking.

Atlas Wearables

The collaboration between Atlas Wearables and the trainers includes the development of a new software called Dashboard. Rapidly analyzing trends and progress, the Dashboard creates fitness programs and routines designed to help trainers and their clients take full advantage of the Atlas Fitness ecosystem. The main key feature of the Dashboard software is its ability to help trainers discover the highest impact programming within their specialties, so as to quickly optimize custom solutions for each of their clients.

Atlas Wearables

When it comes to the new Atlas ecosystem, it was designed to simply provide athletes with expertise and trainers with enhanced tools. The wearable’s key feature is the MotionAI, which ensures that the more you use the wearable, the smarter it gets. Other features, include its ability to track every exercise whilst discovering the highest impact when it comes to programming for personal fitness success, aligning goals, and prioritizing focus.

Atlas Wearables

One of the Olympians sharing his expertise is 2016 gold medalist at Rio Olympics David Verburg. On the partnership, the five time World Champion Gold medalist shared,  “I know that Atlas is the best true workout tracker for athletes and their trainers because my team has experienced the magic and the benefits ourselves.” He adds: “I believe in sharing our fitness expertise to help everyone achieve greatness. And through this partnership, we’re able to help even more young athletes track their progress automatically with the incredible capabilities that only the Atlas ecosystem can deliver.”

Atlas Wearables

The great thing about wearables, like Atlas, is that high-tech performance analysis no longer has to take place in a lab. On this, Peter Li, who in 2015 was recognized by the Forbes Magazine as ’30 Under 30′, states, “Together we are transforming how people everywhere understand how to reach their goals. And through these partnerships, we’re able to help even more of the community access proven trainers and validated fitness programming. We aim to end empty fitness promises and are building a future on the foundation of science & research.”

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