Minimilistic Beauty, The Amazfit Equator Reviewed

Minimilistic beauty is Huami’s Amazfit. Recently launched, the line of fashionable wearables, are available in 5 different designs, all serving one purpose. Fortunately, we got our hands on the Amazfit Equator Black, so I was able to give it a spin around London for a week.

The first thing that came to mind when I put it on was the minimilistic feel the band gave me. The lightweight, hypoallergenic and scratch resistant ceramic disc, almost the same size as the Misfit Shine disk, sat very comfortably on the top of my wrist. What I loved most was that it felt like I was almost not wearing anything on my wrist at all. We are all aware that some activity trackers have an annoying way of letting you know they’re around, especially when you are wearing a shirt with cuff links for instance. The fact this wasn’t the case, made me appreciate the Amazfit Equator’s convenient fit, which also meant that my first impression of Huami’s wearable is a good one.Equator-3

Tracking specs

Being impressed by the look and feel is one thing, now let’s have a look at what we can find under the hood. It seems its minimilistic design is no coincidence. The Amazfit seems to have a minimum amount of features too. It tracks steps, distance and our calories burnt. It also monitors sleep activity and gives a discreet alert once your smartphone is called. The IP68 certified waterproof ceramic disk can be charged wirelessly and gives you a 15MaH battery which lasted for about 9 days for me.

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The app

When it comes to the accompanying app and user experience, the only complaint I have is that the syncing takes its time upon opening it. This is a problem that could be easily solved with an app update. Another issue worth a mention was my valid concern about the accuracy of the numbers. In my case, I sensed a slight increase when it came to comparing the distance and calories burnt with the Jawbone UP that I was also wearing. For example, my sleep tracking analysis, was a bit more off than one would wish for. On a particular night, I slept a full 7.5 hours, which was confirmed by my Jawbone, but the Amazfit had me down for just 4.5 hours of sleep. Which in my opinion was a complete miss.


Overall review

Reading some reviews prior to writing this one and I felt like it was not in line with my own findings. Maybe it is because I made sure that I looked at the overall offering of fitness trackers on the market today. Doing so helped me come up with a well rounded conclusion. I conclude that taking it all into consideration the price of the Amazfit makes it a good deal. Yes, it ain’t the best tracker out there but the thing is this, the competition ain’t all that either. Amazfit is now available for purchase on for $79.99.

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