This Week in Fashion Tech…

Rounding up this weeks headlining news from the Fashion Tech space.

As the week draws to an end, we have taken a moment to round up the most talked about news from the fast paced fashion-tech space. Let’s start off with Automat. If you were not already aware of this multi faceted product from Swedish super start-up Neue Labs, then I am sure that this was the week that you got to intimately know the amazing tiny chip that brags the kind of technology that could potentially make any design tech ready.

Also this week, VINAYA‘s secret was outed when they finally revealed the launch of their new wearable ZENTA. On a mission to reset the balance between digital and physical, ZENTA has been designed using the kind of advanced patented sensing technology that left us wondering, is there nothing Ms Kate Unsworth can’t do?

Described as turning 19th-century paintings into wearable works of art, Alice Archer is a talented designer who is using the latest technology to create beautiful collections. After researching her works, I realised that in one fail swoop of talent and technology, she has somehow managed to make embroidery hip. So how can we not want a little bit of her fashionable tech created pieces in our seasonal wardrobe?

Although style is yet to be injected into this wearable, we still found ourselves in awe of the wireless SignLanguageGlove by Hadeel Ayoub. Developed to improve communication between people with hearing disabilities, the smart glove is able to recognise hand movements and convert them into relevant text. When something this amazing has been created to improve one’s life, it is no wonder I found myself saying, “fashion takes a back seat whilst technology betters someones life”.

Automat, Taking The Internet Of Things From Prototype To Market

It wasn’t long after meeting Fredrik Timour, CEO of award-winning startup Neue Labs, that we dove straight into a conversation about their latest product called AUTOMAT. Over a beer, I questioned Timour on the ins and outs of Neue Labs, with the objective to understand the possibilities that their product offered whilst also learning more about how AUTOMAT can help brands take their product from prototype to market. READ MORE…

Neue Labs' AUTOMAT

ZENTA Wearable Bracelet, Inspired by Humans, Perfected by Science

They teased us with their secret whispers. They told us it was coming and today, on the 1st of June 2016, it has arrived, introducing VINAYA’s latest next generation product, ZENTA. VINAYA, a Shoreditch based research and design house, has officially launched a biometric bracelet that combines body and mind metrics to tackle modern day stress. With the mission to reset the balance between digital and physical, VINAYA has designed ZENTA using the most advanced patented sensing technology. READ MORE…


When Modern Embroidery Technology Breaks All The Rules

When the Telegraph described Alice Archer as turning 19th-century paintings into wearable works of art, I knew I had to find out more. As I researched the talented designer, I learnt that it was from her West London showroom, that Archer was busy making embroidery relevant and commercial. READ MORE…


New Smart Glove Turns Sign Language Into Text and Speech

For those who are hard of hearing, products such as MotionSavvy, founded by a team of students from Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf and Solar Ear, a solar-powered hearing aid battery, are playing a significant role in improving the quality of life for those with disabilities. READ MORE…

New Smart Glove Turns Sign Language Into Text and Speech

In other news this week, another big boy, Deutsche Telekom, has followed in the footsteps of Topshop and ASOS by launching a competition to entice fashion tech talent out of its hiding place. Named ‘Fashion Fusion’, Deutsche Telekom are challenging, daring young visionaries to dream big. This hopefully means that we will get to see some great ideas emerging soon. We rounded up the week by working with the talented Stephanie Carls on the Huawei article. We put pen to paper on the launch of the women focused Huawei smartwatch and the Lifestyle Tech YouTuber provided us with the accompanying video review. We recommend that you check it out! Otherwise, how was your week?

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