The Huawei Watch Jewel, The Best Smart Watch for Women?

Driven by demand for more female focused smart watches, Huawei, in collaboration with Swarovski, launched the stylishly feminine Huawei Watch Jewel and Elegant smart watches. Is this the best smart watch for women?


Inspired by Swiss watch manufacturers, Huawei’s Jewel and Elegant smart watches brag a durable nature, 68 Swarovski Zirconia dotted around the rose gold-plated case, scratch-proof sapphire crystal coating and cold-forged stainless steel. With a design that embodies the space where fashion meets technology, Huawei finished their premium smart watch with genuine Italian leather watch straps that are available in pearl white and sapphire blue.

The Huawei Watch Jewel, The Best Smartwatch for Women?

When it comes to the tech features, Huawei smart watches, first unveiled at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, are powered by Android Wear™ and display alerts for calls, texts, instant messages and emails. Android and iOS compatible, the watch also features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphone usage, meaning you can listen to offline music downloads while you work out. With voice commands capable of controlling music as well as navigation, it’s the perfect running device. A heart rate sensor accurately measures your heart rate, and the 6-Axis motion sensor can track activities including walking, running and mountain climbing. Both the Huawei Jewel and Elegant come pre-loaded with over 40 watch faces.

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With the plans to have the smartwatch available in more than 20 countries, Jewel is more bling, whilst Elegant is more understated with a knurled pattern effect around its rose gold plated case. The Huawei Elegant and Jewel are currently priced at $500rrp and $600rrp respectively.

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