Music + Tech Inspired App Enabled Sneakers

Combining fashion, music and technology, Sync Footwear incorporates a circuit board, LED and rechargeable batteries hidden in the sole of the shoes.

Sync Footwear is bringing Miami’s music and tech scene together. The stylish shoes sync live music through an app on the user’s phone.

Combining fashion, music and technology, Sync Footwear incorporates a circuit board, LED and rechargeable batteries hidden in the sole of the shoes. Through the use of advanced Bluetooth technology, users are able to communicate, control and customize their shoes.

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Using the Sync App you can select solid LED colours, pre-set LED colours, sync to a music playlist or go out to a club, concert or event and sync the shoes to live music. The Sync App is available for both Apple iPhones and Android users and connects through the use of Bluetooth on the phone.

Weighing the same as casual sneakers, the app enabled shoes have been designed with a flexible sole and a cushion and padded insole for additional comfort. All internal components are sealed, water resistant and non-combustible. The Sync Footwear product line includes a low-cut microfiber style called “Digital” made in black or white, three low-cut reflective styles called the “Viper Remix”, “Tribal Remix” and “Sync Remix”, and a hi-top named “Matrix” in 3D metallic silver or gold.

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On the stylish invention David Panettiere, CEO of Sync Footwear shared, “I had always noticed those crazy kid shoes with lights and wanted my own pair. After the technology was created to catch up with my idea, Sync Footwear was created. Right now I own a pair of LED shoes but combining the technology, Sync Footwear products will allow you to sync the LED colours to your phone’s music playlist or pull from the phone’s microphone to sync it to live music.”


Other features include rechargeable batteries and a USB splitter cable that allows the user to charge for one hour every six hours of use. Also, the company provides a six- month warranty for normal wear and tear. Tempted to dance your way into a flashy pair of sneakers, then you will be happy to know that Sync Footwear is available for pre-order on their Indiegogo Campaign. Priced $220 USD + shipping.

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