Smart Nadi Tights, The Yoda to Your Yoga

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Yoga has gone from trend to our way of life. With many ‘yogis’ born every minute, there is great importance placed in knowing the correct form of your positions. This is when Nadi can step in and be your Yoda to your yoga.


Created by technology company Wearable Experiments, Nadi is the brainchild of founders Billie Whitehouse and Ben Moir.  Their newest product has the ability to communicate and correct your form. Specializing in human/computer interaction, Wearable Experiments have created a language that allows the skin to become the interface.

Ben Moir Co-Founder at Wearable Experiments
Ben Moir Co-Founder at Wearable Experiments

Using subtle vibrations to improve form via technology woven between nylon layers, the haptic vibrations have been built into a full physical language, which allows the technology to communicate feedback to help correct your form and achieve your fitness goals. The frequency and intensity of each vibration changes based on the body position and angle.  On their latest project Moir shares, “It’s a wireless network for the body. We have a motion sensor in each part of the tights that knows exactly what angle you’re in.”

Billie Whitehouse Co-founder at Wearable Experiments
Billie Whitehouse Co-founder at Wearable Experiments

Designed with the human at the center, the creation of Nadi had input from yoga instructors which has ensured that when worn, the sensors can guide the wearer into the correct positions. The tights have been designed to instruct wearers through gentle guidance and if they are doing everything correctly Nadi will let them know with a gentle hum. On this Moir stated, “The nice thing about haptics is you process them subconsciously, so if you’re in the flow of yoga, you don’t have to look at a screen and engage your attention on the screen or listen to a voice instruction.”

Using an accompanying app, the user is able to monitor flow and form control to achieve optimal alignment. The technology built into the pants is subtle and unobtrusive, allowing the beauty and design to take center stage.


Announced first at CES, Nadi will be available on pre-order as of May 2016. The only downfall of this digital fashion product is that it can only survive 25 washes but what makes it great is that the technology used by Whitehouse and Moir has the potential to go beyond yoga. With the world of sports technology growing, I am sure that it will not be long before demand for real time body tactile technology becomes the norm.

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