Garmin Managed To Give Their Beauty a Little More Brain

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Its the sign of the times when you realise that Wearable technology is here to stay. The makers in the space need no more convincing, if you want people to wear technology it has to look good. Since being ‘fashionable’ is still a subjective matter, Garmin have approached this challenge with differentiation. After the Polar collaboration with Swarovski and the Fitbit announced the Fitbit Alta, who earlier came out with more stylish versions of their fitness trackers, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Garmin have actually managed to give their beauty a little more brain[/inlinetweet].

vivofit3 Style Collection Alexandra
Vivofit 3 Style Collection Alexandra

The GPS receivers, avionics and wearable technology developer Garmin, founded in 1989, announced yesterday new additions to its Vivo line of wearables. The two new devices, the vivofit 3 fitness tracker and the vivoactive HR smart watch,  express the understanding of necessity when it comes to the merge of fashion with technology. Yet at the same time these new devices are packed with new features that are quite unique.

Vivified 3
Garmin Managed To Give Their Beauty a Little More Brain

When you adorn their new activity tracker, it doesn’t matter if you’re strolling around the office or going for a run, vívofit 3 can automatically detect your activity with Garmin Move IQ™. Another feature is the great battery life. The wearer can wear your bracelet for a whole year without having to recharge it.    The device lets you track steps, calories, and distance traveled whilst additionally giving you the ability to automatically track your workout activities like biking, running, swimming and even elliptical training on your X-trainer. The device can also be personalized with an array of colorful interchangeable accessory bands from the Garmin’s Style Collection and also new styles from the Jonathan Adler + Garmin line.

vívofit® 3
The Jonathan Adler designs: purple geometrics, gray & green concentric circles & a blue Goyard-like chevron pattern

Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales said: “Once again our vívofit has set itself apart from the pack as a leader in helping users develop lifelong healthy habits with its latest edition, the vívofit 3. Key features including one-year battery life, water resistance and our move bar are paired with exciting new developments like Move IQ to offer a full package to people wanting to take a step toward a healthier lifestyle.”

The vívofit 3, with it’s interchangeable accessory bands, will begin shipping in Q2. It will be available bundled with a regular or extra large sized black band for $99.99, a regular sized white band for $99.99, and a regular sized dark camo band for $109.99. The Garmin Style Collection’s Gabrielle bundle will include a small sized black quilted band and white waves band for $119.99.

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When it comes to the new Gamin smart watch, the vívoactive® HR, it is a different story. Although the nice colorful display will somewhat sacrifice your battery life it is still actually really good. The watch can be worn without recharging for 8 days according to Garmin. The vivoactive HR introduces an optical heart rate monitor and allows more accurate calorie tracking. This rather bulky smart watch isn’t bulky for no reason. It packs sensors for tracking elevation and enhanced GPS and it has the ability to track sports such as cycling, golfing, skiing/snowboarding, running and swimming. Garmin says the vivoactive HR watch will be available in spring 2016, priced at $250.

Viivoactive HR
The more capable Vivoactive HR with optical heart rate sensors, elevation sensors, increased GPS battery life

So when we speak of aesthetics, the awareness is there. We might not be there yet, since the design limitations still hold designers for ransom, especially with more feature packed smart watches, but looking at the wearable tech space today we are in a phase where you can at least say that all the big players are trying.

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