Smart Watches Will Overtake Dedicated Fitness Trackers

Mano ten Napel | @Mano10Napel

Like any other person, I love it when it looks like my predictions might become a reality. In the case of the presumed death of the standalone active tracker, it is the wearable tech industry’s biggest and most valuable proposition of today, raising awareness through self quantifying. We must admit, that to us, fitness trackers are like shoes, you can never have just one but we fear that we might soon find ourselves counting the days when the activity bracelet will no longer be topping the charts.

This is why the Digital Trends Report for 2015 caught our attention. Created by our friends at Adobe, the great SlideShare looks at the trends in 2015, the report also shines some light on the future of wearables.    It predicts that 2016 will be the year that we will see more smart watches sold than activity trackers. Also, according to the Adobe Digital Index, 1 in 5 homes in the US will have a smart home smoke detector, smart home thermostat or other smart home system.



Furthermore, the report states that although smart watches are being beaten by fitness trackers right now, 38% of consumers are still planning on purchasing a fitness tracker in the next 6 months. Only 37% are saying the same about smart watches. The survey concludes that smart watch adoption is on the rise.

The interesting part of the Adobe Digital Trends Report is the way the information was gathered. The index was based on 225 billion branded website visits, 20 million social engagements across various platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and a 400 smartphone user survey in the U.S. The data was a obtained anonymously from Adobe marketing cloud solutions, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Social.

As for the IoT devices, the report called in the help of IBM’s Watson Trend which validated the latest online tracking data of online conversations. When it comes to IoT devices that will smarten up our home, the report shared that they will not be found under the Christmas tree just yet. Lastly, the Digital Trends Report revealed that the Apple Watch remains on the top of the list of mentioned wearable tech devices leading the conversation of what will be bought in the near future.
SOURCECredits: Adobe