Moon Berlin, Translating Technology into Cashmere Coat

Miranda Hoogervorst | @MirandaWrites10

On the 20th January 2016 I found myself attending #FashionTech Berlin. The event, hosted by SEEK and PREMIUM, is the kind of platform that exposes you to discussions, talks, and short introductions of startups. The well attended event is full of inspirational ideas for the future of fashion and technology. It is ‘the’ place for the uprising of ideas and businesses that in turn play a part in influencing the way fashion is designed, produced, distributed, marketed and sold.

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With much to see there was one brand did catch my eye, Moon Berlin. They are brains behind the heated cashmere coat. What makes it unique is that inside the coat there is groundbreaking battery powered heating panel that will heat you up within 60 seconds. Beautifully designed, the high quality, soft cashmere coat definitely has the potential to be the winner when it comes to both successfully merging fashion and technology.

Heated Coat €799.00
Heated Coat | €799.00

The integrated electrical heating system is attached in the lining. It cannot be taken out, but why would you want to, because  the panel is thin, flexible and light weight that you don’t even feel that it is there. The model at the Fashion Tech stand was wearing the coat and we could hardly feel the panel in the back. And, even more important: you can’t see it either.

The panel is a well researched, specially designed piece of manufacturing. Moon Berlin’s founder Christian Brun: “We needed to find the optimal placement on the most important parts of the body. Especially perfect placement on the kidney area is important, because kidneys channel the blood through the body and that’s how we heat ourselves.”

Moon Berlin Heated Coat Showcased at Berlin Fashion Week
Moon Berlin Heated Coat Panel

The panel heats up within 30-60 seconds, up to approximately 40 degrees Celsius. It’s not (yet) possible to control the heater, so it’s either on or off. Christian told us he is already working on a controlled heater for his coats. The battery lasts 6-8 hours and recharges in 24 hours.

It’s not advisable to wash cashmere, but if you’d wish to wash the coat, you can. The heating panel can perfectly stand home washing machines and dry cleaning. And don’t worry if you’re out in rain or snow; the panel is protected because it’s tucked away in the coat.

Moon Berlin Heated Coat Showcased at Berlin Fashion Week
Moon Berlin Heated Coat Showcased at Berlin Fashion Week

The well made bespoke coat shows off the fact that the people from Moon Berlin are trained tailors. You can either choose a standard size or you can have it made-to-measure. If you’d rather have another type of material, you can. Anything is possible with Moon Berlin, including the perk of also being able to recharge your phone in your pocket. Moon Berlin is a great example of a simple tech idea, that is well executed in a way that shows off it’s potential

Sold in either black, blue, grey or yellow, the cashmere heated coat is priced at €799.00 and is also available for men. Would you love to own a Moon Berlin? Then be sure to shop the coat.

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