James Bond, The Ultimate Early Adopter

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Spectre (sigh), what tech enthusiast doesn’t appreciate Bond’s gadgets. We know we do. Nothing excites the FashNerd team more than witnessing some cool 007 trinkets in action. Besides getting popcorn excited over the ‘best James Bond ever’, Mr Daniel Craig, we always look forward to seeing the kind of tech devices that the early adopter has access too.


We all know that Bond’s gadgets incorporate advanced technology, usually fashioned within some disguise, like a camera hidden inside a ring. For many, it is this seamless move from everyday object to useful device that has us in awe. Take the international spy’s Aston Martin for example. It is a car outfitted with gadgets such as a rear facing flamethrower.  Some might argue that cars are not gadgets, but I feel that if a vehicle is equipped with missiles, ejector seats, bombs etc,  it then arguably becomes a technology device.

Although I plan not to include any spoilers in this post, another device that I must mention is the ‘Smart Blood’. It is a concoction of nanoparticles that are injected in Bond’s body so as to track his every move. Clever huh? Well if medical researchers such as pioneers Blaze Bioscience‘s injectables get FDA approved,  we can look forward to smart blood that will be able to identify cancer cells.

Every 007 seems to have experienced ‘the poison.’ Whether they are administrating it, or suffering at the hands of it themselves, it is the silent character that has made an appearance in nearly every Bond movie. True it is not a device, but the technology used to create the thallium poison that kills one of the bad boys in Spectre is an advancement that did not only remain in film but has unfortuntely already seen the light of day, anyone remember KGB defector Alexander Litvinenko.


On a more positive note, my favorite device is the watch. This is a equipped wearable that has been able to do many things in all the 23 James Bond movies. I personally was first blown away (no pun intended) by the smart wrist watch that had a discrete detonator. In Spectre, they have taken the smart watch a step further but I will not spoil it for those who are yet to see the film.

Many Bond gadget enthusiasts are envious that he always has access to the most stylish wearables, drivables and hearables. That is why I am kind of disappointed that  the latest installment of Spectre which is rumored to pretty much be gadget free. You would have to look really hard to spot any mind blowing good gadgets, and even the ones that you do spot might, to some, not even count as a gadget. If you find the whispers to be true, we hope that the following 16 minutes will soothe any disappointment.

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