Our NYFW15 Captured in a Snapshot

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

With a few days left before #NYFW2015 closes its doors for another season, we have decided that this is the perfect moment to visually sum up our New York Fashion Week mood with striking snapshots of our experience. A tirade of words is not the order of today.

imageWith our mind already moving onto LFW, there are 5 things that we will be taking away with us from New York Fashion Week:

  1. Tech isn’t just about Fashion, it can also be about models who are part tech and part inspiration.
  2. Fashion Tech on the runway is like a favourite leather jacket, it will get better with time.
  3. Forget Apple, Intel is the tech company du jour and the perfect partner for fashion labels
  4. It was all about the Periscope, need I say more.
  5. Drone cameras are the new paparazzi.

To immerse yourself in our NYFW15 experience, click on I ❤️ NYFW.

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