#Hello Jeans, Letting Your Butt Do The Charging

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

If there is one item of clothing that we all own, it is a pair of jeans. Therefore it comes as no surprise that a fashion brand has come along to bravely tech our jeans to the next level.


The brand behind this great idea is Joe’s Jeans. They are introducing into the fashion realm, the’ #HELLO, a jean that has been designed to charge your phone on the go. Although not exactly a pair of your favourite boyfriend jeans, the #HELLO skinny jeans features a custom battery pack and a patent pending pocket that perfectly holds your iPhone® so you can charge your phone on-the-go. The denim features a gravity-defying fabric that will also hold you in and smooth you out whilst still allowing maximum movement. The slim battery pocket is strategically sewn near the waistband in the back. Joe’s Jeans have also smartly included an additional smartphone pocket that is located partly behind the right-hand butt pocket.


When it comes to how it works, the jeans are powered by a slim silver battery that comes with Micro-USB and iPhone-compatible charging cables. The battery has the power to charge an iPhone 5 up to at least 85 percent. Measuring at 3.75 inches (9.5 centimeters) long,  the battery is sized to fit right into the special waistband pocket of the #HELLO jeans.


Joe’s jeans are not sold with the battery, so a pair of #HELLO jeans, minus the needed tech, will set you back about $189. If you add the battery, which is priced at $49, you can look forward to saying goodbye to $238.00. Now the question is, do i want to swap my Seven jeans for Joe’s Jeans? Well I guess it depends on how much I really want to charge my phone whilst on the go.


With the simple wave of their #HELLO jeans wand, .Joe’s Jeans are attempting to turn your everyday pair of jeans into a pair of everyday tech jeans. Definitely a great idea but I must admit that when it comes to the ever demanding fashion tribe,  the style of the jeans is not exactly inline with the current denim trends. Available only in women’s skinny-fit styles, the #HELLO jean is the perfect must have for a tech-addicted woman, but for the hardcore fashion fans, mmmmm I fear that Joe’s Jeans might need to work a little bit harder on offering a variety of fashionable styles.

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