Carnise McIntosh, Styling Up The Tote

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Women who adore handbags are soon going to be spoilt for choice with the introduction of the Leoht handbag. It is a tech bag that will not only charge your gadgets but it will also help you find them.

So why invest in a tech bag? Well, what modern woman would not fall head over heels for a stylish tote that has a discrete built in battery at the base of the bag. With demands on always staying connected, Leoht makes sure that it is easy to charge your gadgets on the go. It also boasts an interior light to help you find things when your bag becomes the kind of black hole that has you wondering “where are my keys?” 

So on that note lets take a moment to get to know the woman behind the Leoht bag, Ms Carnise McIntosh.

Leoht Founder/CEO Carnise McIntosh
Leoht Founder/CEO Carnise McIntosh

Tell us a little bit about your brand?

Leoht is a fashion / wearable tech company that concentrates on the true integration of technology into fashion. Its mission is to evolve “the bag”. Tailored for the modern wearer, Leoht aims to be the premier company and a brand synonymous with beautifully designed and most purely integrated technology bags.

Both aesthetics and technology are held to the highest regard. Both elements are designed together from the core to insure the most harmonious and compelling product is created. Made from quality materials, custom hardware, and the sleekest technologies, Leoht is developed with versatility and style flexibility in mind, to deliver a new experience for the bag like never encountered before.

What do you wish you knew before you started your business?

How fast time moves when you are starting a business. There are never enough hours in a day. And how non linear it is. As a startup, you must think in all kinds of directions and from so many perspectives- the view from the manufacturing side, from the audience and public side, from the consumers side.

“As a startup, you must think in all kinds of directions and from so many perspective.”

What wearable, fashion or lifestyle, is on your must have wish list and why?

The Apple Watch in Steel and the Pebble Time in Gold (yes, I need two smart watches. Style + versatility =  Important) because I want my thumbs and eyes back. I can honestly say that I am annoyingly attached to my smartphone. The potential to alleviate some of that diversion may seem small but will easily equate an hour or more of freed tapping and staring downward. On my future wishlist are SmartGlasses that do not to look like cyborg attachments. Wishful thinking here, but if the frames were Warby’s, I’d camp out for those.

Living in major city, modern or historical, is like walking through a vast museum. There is so much unspoken detail and history to know, that without doing the research yourself or have someone guide you through it, you’ll miss a lot of good and relevant information. To have the ability to pull information and display it visually, in real time and space, unobtrusively, (building availability, restaurant ratings, augmented direction) will change everything. On the lifestyle side, I feel that a smart home cannot be organized into single box form fast enough. Again, something I’d would camp out for.



Who in technology do you admire most?

I truly appreciate Elon Musk. He’s not only the quintessential entrepreneur having 20/20 visions of broad projects yet not having a completed map before he begins. Musk understands the necessity of being flexible with progression including pitfalls and smart recovery, whilst also understanding how what he creates will effect, not the ambiguous “world”, but individual lives. It is simply astonishing and they are beyond impressive qualities to possess.

What one word would you say defines you?

How do you find inspiration?
I seek out daily experiences and question them. “How could this be different? Would it be better if it were? Does it need to change?” The experiences don’t need to be vast ones. Simple everyday encounters can give way to inspirations to some of the most significant ideas.

Styling The Leoht Tote
Leoht Styled By The WearableTechStylist For

What was the best piece of advice you ever got? The worst?
The Best: Don’t stop because only you can bring this to the world in this way, no one else can get it and in my opinion this is kind of right.

The worst: To give up. It is not worth pursuing.

What’s your favourite quote?
One of my favorites: “Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can.” –Arthur Ashe

What is your biggest pet peeve?

“Discouraging a young mind. And I don’t mean young as in the age of the person, but the maturity of their idea”.

What do you think is the biggest innovation of your lifetime thus far?
My lifetime? I can’t say. However, the astonishing advancement in wireless transmission has been mind boggling. From wireless sound to now wireless energy/electricity, we are tangibly close to understanding and implementing some of the most fascinating capabilities of science with regards to sharing, transporting, and changing information. Extremely excited to be living in this time.

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Canise McIntosh is Founder & Director of Leoht Wearable Technology. Connect and stay in the Leoht loop so you can be one of the first to know when this handsome bag becomes available. Follow Leoht at @LeohtWT