Silicon Valley, The Future Of Fashion Week?

I let out a little screech of girly excitement when I was told that Silicon Valley Fashion Week was an actual event. The idea of such an extravaganza tickled me pink with anticipation.


So people, forget getting your plane ticket to Paris, Milan, London or NY, this is an event that will be taking place in the cool city of San Francisco, home to fashion brands Levi and Gap. The venue will be the Chapel on Valencia Street right in the heart of the Mission District. The objective is to blend the kind of fashion and technology that will entice its spectators over 3 days, from 12th to the 14th May 2015.

There will be no Cara Delevingne‘s or Jourdana Dunn‘s walking the catwalks, instead Chris Lindland, the man behind the event and CEO of Betabrand, has decided that the clothes will be displayed on drones. Why you might ask? Well besides the obvious, hello its fashtech, he believes that “the clothing kind of flutters and dances in the winds and does things humans can’t.”


I have been going to Fashion Week since Kate Moss was still hitting the runways, so I guess you can call me a veteran. That is why the idea of an event that represents wearable tech and shows its support for crowd-sourced brands by bringing it to the attention of everyone, can only be a good thing. This is an event that I think will help open the eyes of many doubters of Fashion Technology, people who think that technology is fashionably challenged and can never therefore be considered fashionable.

The event will run from 12th May to 15th May. It will be under the watchful eye of the industry who would be ready to judge. I do hope that Silicon Valley Fashion Week will succeed where Fashion Week has attempted and failed. You all know what I mean. Fashion Week has tried many times to implement technology into its runway, and in my opinion they failed dismally, because the interest they generated was always so fleeting. Now with this event promising us something innovative we can only hope that it will will not be gimmick, because disappointment does not really go well with my outfit.


With all this good news, the bad is that tickets to Silicon Valley Fashion Week have sold out already. Now we are left wondering who is going to be sitting FROW? Will it be the Anna Wintours of fashion or the Tim Cooks of technology?

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