Aivvy Q, The Smart New Kid On The Block

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Let’s take a pause from Beats for a moment to appreciate the new kid on the block Aivvy Q.

Aivvy Headphones-

Pronounced Ay-Vee, the new high end headphone brand has “reinvented the headphones” in a way that will give you more for your buck. Founded in 2014, Aivvy, Inc. is committed to pushing user experience boundaries through continuous innovation and vision.

It all began as a technology start up incubated by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. Their drive led them to start an Aivvy Kickstarter campaign that successfully raised more than $160k, setting them on a path to achieve greatness.


Like no other, Aivvy Q headphones step in the realm of IOT and will interact directly with the Aivvy cloud.  What this means is that, Aivvy Q caches and streams personalised music from millions of songs on the cloud directly into your headphones. This perk will liberate you from managing music downloads and give you the ability to personalise all your music.

Aivvy founder, Isaac Mao states, “Until now you needed several steps and even several devices to listen to music. We simplified the process into one step through one device and provided a new music listening experience that is seamless, simple and responsive.”

Aivvy Headphones-

How can you not be tempted to put down your Beats and try a simple new way of listening to your music? With the player and the headphones housed in one unit, all you have to do is put on your headphones and simply listening. What we love about Aivvy Q is that even without network signal, Aivvy Q can stream CD quality music or HD audio sound for 40 hours on one single charge- wow! Other perks include a discrete built-in dial on the touchpad that will allow you to skip tracks, rewind and bookmark your favourite songs.

Aivvy Q

What makes these headphones a cut above the rest is the smart way they will update your songs by learning your tastes through your interactions, locations and the time of day you make your selections. Powered by Aivvy’s patent pending technologies, Aivvy Q will connect to available Wi-Fi and sync your musical preferences with the Aivvy cloud whilst also automatically updating your Aivvy Q with new music recommended for you from the cloud,

We love the idea of our headphones being the kind of personal DJ who automatically knows how to match my mood, and if you do too you should definitely pre-order on Kickstarter before 23 April 2015 so you can take advantage of the great supporter discount plus other attractive incentives. FUND NOW.

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