Fashion Design Technology Courses, Hype or Hip?

Educating future designers on the merge of fashion and technology is currently a shiny new subject on many universities curriculum, and it is because of this that we found our curiosity aroused further by BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Menswear class of 2016 students Tommy Pao Han Lin and Jazz Grant showcase of their final collections. Their finished projects inspired us to want to learn more about the UAL courses that promise to mould and deliver ‘the next generation of creative talent’.

Tommy Linberheim Lin Collection
Tommy Linberheim Lin Collection

Run by UAL and based at Curtain Road in Shoreditch,  the BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology course is currently available in both Womenswear and Menswear. Offering opportunities that were not available a few years ago, the school, among others, is definitely a sure sign that the merge of fashion and technology is showing signs of flourishing. That being said, there are still some who are skeptical of fashion technology’s direction and others who still view it as a trend, but the good news is that it has not prevented UAL seducing innovative future students who show a passion for fashion, design and technology.

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To continue, this specific Bachelor of Arts degree has been designed to give you the creative, technical and professional skills needed to succeed. The three year course will prepare you for the highly competitive fashion industry by giving you a combination of creative, technical, intellectual and communication skills. To be able to to be selected for this course you will need a strong work ethic, be energetic, focused and highly motivated.

The teaching at UAL takes an intellectual approach to fashion. This ensures that you are able to develop core skills that include researching, designing, pattern cutting, realisation and problem solving in order to achieve the finished product. We love that the course will not only encourage you to develop your individual identity through your work, but that there is also a drive for you to grow your knowledge of technological developments within the fashion industry. That for us is what makes this course stand out from the rest of the other fashion courses on offer at UAL.

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From the outside looking in, these kind of university courses seem to promise a wealth of knowledge that includes understanding every aspect of how a garment is made though both traditional and technological methods. If we specifically look at the courses on offer at UAL, on paper, we must agree that although the BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology course seems to be playing a key role in fashion technology being seen as an acceptable path for design students to take, there is a large part of us that would prefer to hear it from the horses mouth. What do the recent graduates really think of this nouveau course, hype or hip?

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