NYFW: Rebecca Minkoff, All About Fringe With Tech Benefits

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

Yes, we are finding ourselves whispering the name Rebecca Minkoff twice in one week. As NYFW rolls on, it comes as no surprise that Minkoff will be debuting her new tech accessories during her fashion show today- 12 September 2015.

Known as the ‘techy designer’, Minkoff is one of the few fashion designers that have shown innovation when it comes to integrating technology into their collections. So far this season, only Zac Posen, has included some tech DNA into his collection. Surely this cannot be it for NYFW?

Back to Minkoff, this is a designer that is all about bringing to market fashionable tech accessories and this season she has made it all about the fringe crossbody. We have been hyptonised by this latest offering because not only is it on trend but it is a stylish accessory that will also charge your iPhone 6 or your Galaxy S6 on the go .

Image Credit: Rebecca Minkoff
Image Credit: Rebecca Minkoff

On the still to be launched Rebecca Minkoff tech accessories, Uri Minkoff, CEO of the brand stated, “Technology is part of the DNA of the Rebecca Minkoff brand. As wearable tech evolves, more of the conversation should be devoted to what makes the customer’s day-to-day easier in all aspects of her life — not just health. We believe the most critical thing in her life today is connectivity, and charge has a lot to do with that.”

The smartphone charger accessories can be used as a handbag or wallet. The three products are priced at $120 for the charging wristlet folio, the Universal Fringe Crossbody for $100 and the iPhone 6 Sleeve Crossbody for $80.

The other bit of news we wanted to share with you was that besides the fringe accessory debut, Rebecca Minkoff has also been busy working with the brand that every fashion house is partnering up with lately, Apple. With Hermes and Rebecca Minkoff both all about designing Apple Watch bands for the not so monogamous Apple, we are quite interested in finding out which brand’s collaboration will outsell. Rebecca Minkoff’s Apple bands are priced between $80 to $100.

Image Credit: Rebecca Minkoff
Image Credit: Rebecca Minkoff

With Rebecca Minkoff happily moderating the tech conversation in the world of accessories, we can only hope that one day she will bravely step up her tech to RTW too.


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