INTEL, The Belle Of Fashion Week

Muchaneta Kapfunde | @FashNerdEditor

It seems that Intel has been successfully making a name for itself this season. All that schmoozing has resulted in attention grabbing collaborations with quite a few fashion brands during various Fashion Weeks.

The technology company was not only the ying to Chromat‘s yang at NYFW, it was named as a patron of the BFC during LFW, and it also had the pleasure of power woman of the BFC Caroline Rush praising their importance when it comes to fashion and technology merging-“It is important for the British fashion community to drive forward sales and increase their profiles on the global stage. Innovating with wearable technology and smart garments is a fine way to achieve this.”

For some (like us), Spring/Summer 2016 was all about the unveiling of the technology that designers will be using when infusing it into their collections. Intel, sponsors of MADE Fashion Week, did not disappoint. They managed to impress the press with their responsive garments, interactive shopping experiences and 4K drones. The most talked about showstopper was Intel’s partnership with sportswear label Chromat. The collaboration showed off a Spring/Summer 2016 runway collection that bragged garments enabled by Intel Curie, a tiny hardware product that provides designers and makers the ability to add functions and capabilities to a wide range of wearable products.

So, if you haven’t been following the rise of this tech company within the fashion ranks, then please allow us to share with you this snippet courtesy of Intel.

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