HURR: Revolutionising Fashion With Sustainability One Rental At A Time


In a world increasingly aware of the environmental toll of fast fashion, HURR is spearheading a radical change by transforming how we approach our wardrobes. Founded by CEO Victoria Prew in 2017, HURR aims to make fashion circular, empowering women to extend the lifespan of their clothes through a tech-first rental platform. But what exactly is HURR and why is it a game-changer for both fashion and sustainability? Let’s dig deeper.

The Genesis of HURR

Victoria Prew started HURR with a clear realization: the fashion industry’s relentless pursuit of “newness” was incompatible with a sustainable future. The answer? Renting instead of buying. HURR has evolved from a rudimentary setup of visiting lenders’ homes to take photographs to an influential platform at the intersection of technology and fashion. With a community of thousands of renters and lenders, HURR is not just a company; it’s a movement.

The Mission Statement

The HURR mission is to send fashion “round in circles – one rental at a time.” By doing so, HURR provides fashion enthusiasts access to high-quality pieces at a fraction of the retail price. In turn, lenders get the chance to monetize items that would otherwise be collecting dust in their closets.

Sustainability at Core

Being a member of Ecologi, HURR takes its carbon footprint seriously. The company calculates its environmental impact and invests in offset projects to remain climate-positive. The initiative goes beyond the corporate level as it educates its community to also take responsibility for their carbon emissions.

How Does It Work?

Renting with HURR is a simple three-step process:

  1. Discover: Browse the platform for your desired pieces.
  2. Rent: Complete the checkout process, protected by a Fit Policy and Damage Protection.
  3. Return: After use, return the item in its original packaging, if possible.

Additional Resources and Initiatives

Fashion Our Future

HURR promotes the campaign started by Amy Powney, focusing on balancing our love for fashion while protecting the planet. The campaign showcases pledges, sparks conversations, and educates people on sustainable fashion choices.

Social Media Advocacy

HURR suggests following eco-activists like @ajabarber, @venetialamanna, and @storiesbehindthings on Instagram to keep the sustainability conversation going.

Treeapp Partnership

HURR also collaborates with Treeapp, offering users the chance to plant trees for free, combating the deforestation crisis.

Community Empowerment

Beyond business, HURR is committed to social responsibility. It has partnered with the Malaika charity to improve educational opportunities for girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


HURR has fundamentally disrupted traditional fashion consumer behavior, transitioning from a “make > use > chuck” model to a circular economy. It’s not just a rental platform; it’s a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who realize that looking good shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast wanting to explore new styles or an eco-conscious individual, HURR is the platform that lets you do both, one rental at a time.

So, go ahead and join this revolution. Start renting, start sharing, and let’s give fashion a green-over!