Zara Fans Can Now Dress Themselves in the Metaverse In Their New Collection

Fast fashion brand Zara has launched a brand new collection called Lime Glam, designed to be worn both inside and outside the virtual world.

Zara has stepped into the digital world.

Launching a brand new collection Lime Glam, Zara has decided to
explore new opportunities by entering the digital space.

The new collection, designed to be worn virtually in Zepeto Metaverse and IRL, includes wearable garments and accessories. Zara offers customers who buy the physical garments the option to access its digital version. The official website of Zara has a dedicated section that contains a list of avatars showcased, wearing the entire collection Lime Glam that would inspire those who ever wish to purchase any of such items.

The application in Zepeto offers a photo booth, a floor, and digital walls for the particular collection. For those who don’t know, Zepeto is the same virtual space where another fashion company Gucci launched its Gucci Villa in August 2021.

As the retail space continues to embrace new technologies the good news is that Zara is not the only brand looking to build unique experiences in the virtual world;and that, in my opinion, can only be a good thing.