Yes, Luxurious Cactus Leather is Still A Thing

Are you ready to own your very own Cactus vegan leather trench coat?

I was recently charmed by the Golden Armour, a statement trench, and the Black Knight vest. These pieces were made out of luxurious cactus leather, not just another fashion must-have item. Described as walking skincare, the material is organic, breathable, and cruelty-free. 

Cactus vegan leather is nothing new. The material first came to our attention back in 2019. We wrote about how the two entrepreneurs, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, developed and showcased their vegan leather material at the International Leather Fair Lineapelle 2019. Made with cactus, the alternative to animal leather was heralded as a high resistance vegan cactus leather that would appeal to the fashion, interior and car industries.

Named Desserto, the cost-competitive material has been designed and developed to meet the most rigorous standards from the Aeronautic to the Fashion industries. That being said, not everyone has sung their praises. For example, Dr Ashley Holding and Paula Lorenz outed the Desserto material as partly vegan leather with cactus; the rest they described in a write-up was “undefined chemicals”. Although the founders have shared that the chemicals they use are non-toxic, it is not a truth revealed so openly by Desserto. Instead, the Mexican startup concentrated on the fact that their material was ‘PVC Free’ and did not contain a particular type of plastic.

Although, for some, the jury is still out on whether Desserto is as clean as it sounds, their limited-edition Desserto gold leather pieces do have some appeal. Available on a made-on-order service from January 18, 2022, you can own your very own Cactus vegan leather for USD 895.00 for the Golden Armour trench and USD 379.00 for the Black Knight vest.

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