Bellabeat’s Unique Approach to Women’s Wellness is Powered by User Data

If data-driven wellness is your thing, then fashion tech company Bellabeat's Ivy could be the smart jewellery for you.

Bellabeat is no stranger to supporting women through their wellness journey. The tech company has been producing innovative products that easily track their overall health and wellness throughout different life stages since it launched in 2014. Most recently, the wellness brand has launched Ivy, an intelligent wristband. 

Designed to help women improve their health and productivity, Ivy is the successor of the Bellabeat Leaf, a device that was a combination of fashion, functionality and luxury. Thirty per cent lighter than the Leaf, the Ivy device has enhanced sensors and tracking capabilities that provide data to improve its female wearers’ general wellbeing, productivity, and reproductive health.  

“With Ivy, our team has developed a unique approach to women’s wellness powered by user data and its analysis through artificial intelligence,” says Melanie Messina, Head of Product at Bellabeat. “We are especially proud of the “Wellness Score,” which is estimated when correlating different lifestyle tracking data points, such as activity patterns, mindfulness habits, sleep habits, as well as hydration, and our “Readiness” scale, which is scored based on the bio-responses of the wearer,” Messina says.

Bragging significant upgrades, in comparison to Bellabeat’s other smart-wearable products, the Ivy has been designed to also learn about the wearer’s sleeping patterns with detailed information on different sleep phases, sleep duration, and sleep quality. The data Ivy provides enables women to see a detailed breakdown of their health and discover areas needing improvement in a newly developed mobile application.

Other key features include 20 days of battery life, the ability to track the wearer’s respiratory rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), body temperature, light, deep, and REM sleep. Capable of giving a complete overview of their productivity, health, recovery, and wellbeing, the water-resistant Ivy can be worn at all times and recharged within less than two hours.

With shipping starting at the end of January 2021, those who have not managed to pre-order are invited to Bellabeat’s second pre-order campaign expected to before the end of the month. Join the waiting list.

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