5 Facts You Need To Know About Lenzing’s New Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chain Traceability Platform

Addressing both consumer demand and compliance risks increasingly faced by brand partners, Lenzing is introducing a brand-new blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability platform powered by TextileGenesisTM.

Made of TENCELTM or LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM branded fibres, Lenzing is committed to using 100% sustainable and traceable fibres over the next five years. For the decision-makers at Lenzing, transparency is the core part of their business. “Sustainability and traceability are two sides of the same coin it is great to see Lenzing paving the way for the entire fashion industry to follow,” says Amit Gautam, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of TextileGenesisTM. Adding: “Our supply chain traceability platform will create digital accounting for Lenzing’s innovative and sustainable fibres across the entire supply chain using FibercoinsTM traceability technology.”

The 5 Key Takeaways

With the COVID-19 pandemic, more changes have been brought to the already transforming fashion and textile industries. To date, supply chain traceability has become a top priority for apparel and home brands. Having already gone live on 5 November 2020, here are five key takeaways about Lenzing’s new blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability platform.

(1) Complete supply chain traceability will be available for TENCELTM, and LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM branded fibres, from fibre to spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, up to garment-making processes.

(2) Brand new blockchain-enabled traceability platform, TextileGenesisTM, to be rolled out to Lenzing supply chain partners in South Asia in Q4 2020, followed by China and Turkey in Q1 2021.

(3) Incorporation of Lenzing E-Branding fabric certificates in the TextileGenesisTM platform to be launched in November 2020, where Lenzing supply chain partners and co-branding partners can upload their digitally signed Lenzing E-Branding fabric certificates

(4) One of the core components of the platform powered by TextileGenesisTM is integration. With the Lenzing E- Branding fabric certification system, the platform allows brands and retailers not only to access the full supply chain traceability for TENCELTM and LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM branded fibres but also to view the results of forensic (physical) verification of fabric samples via the digitally signed Lenzing E-Branding fabric certificates.

(5) The follow-up of a 12-month pilot program and field trials was with four leading sustainable brands (H&M, ArmedAngels, Mara Hoffman and Chicks) and supply chain players from 10 countries in three regions. The global roll-out of Lenzing’s blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability platform will be conducted in phases. During the first phase, Lenzing’s supply chain partners based in South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) will complete the onboarding process within Q4 2020. An estimated 300+ supply chain partners in China and Turkey will also join the program in Q1 2021. It is estimated that by Q2 2021, most eligible Lenzing supply chain partners will be onboarded into the platform, ensuring full supply chain traceability.

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