Will Fashion-Conscious Consumers Buy Into Huawei’s Next-Gen Smart Glasses?

Yes, Huawei's second-generation smart glasses have been officially unveiled.

Smart glasses are nothing new. We all remember the offerings by Snapchat Inc and Vue, and of course, the infamous Google Glass. Nowadays, smart glasses are raising the bar. We are being introduced to intelligent glasses that bring tech to the forefront for all the right reasons. So did Huawei get the memo?

Getting Better Acquainted With Huawei’s Second-Generation Smart Glasses

Huawei’s second-generation smart glasses in partnership with GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II have been created on a design philosophy that is centred around the seamless fusion of technology with fashion. Focusing on audio and smart innovation, the avant-garde specs have been designed with a wealth of intelligent functions that include Huawei’s core technologies and acoustic privacy protection features.

Bold and forward-thinking, the smart glasses promise to not only accentuate the wearer’s personality but thanks to a brand new smart wearable technology, the glasses can double as your very own personal assistant. This function can be activated by double-tapping your left temple. Personally, the updated smart gesture control that impressed me was being able to play the next/previous song or adjust the volume with a few swipes on the temples. A move one can do without needing to take out my phone. Equipped with multiple advanced sensors, Eyewear II can intelligently detect wear status2. For instance, during music playback, Eyewear II will pause when the sensors detect that the user has taken off the glasses, and will resume if the user puts them on again within three minutes.

Integrating technologies in a precise manner, key features include a semi-open, ultra-thin, large-amplitude speaker which can effectively cancel out sound leakage and provide the wearer with high-definition stereo sound. Also, the spectacles brag a newly upgraded Smart Interaction function that makes it possible for the wearer to access information faster.  

Design-wise, the glasses are made of plastic titanium, for lower density, and lighter weight, and they also have been created with a curved earpiece angle to achieve a better fit, an increase in comparison to the first generation, from 12° to 20°.

Lastly, Eyewear II comes with a powerful battery to allow users to keep wearing them for hours on end. Eyewear II can play music for five hours4 continuously on a single charge. Moreover, Eyewear II features new NFC contactless and wireless fast charging technology, making the glasses ready to use anytime, anywhere. 

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