10 Reasons To Start Your Own Clothing Line During The Pandemic

Are you aspiring to start a clothing line in 2020? In these perilous times, there is no denying that the future of fashion has become uncertain. So much so that for those thinking of starting their clothing line in what is arguably a chaotic upside-down world, timing has become everything. 

Ready To Take The Entrepreneurial Journey? 

Is starting a clothing line worth it? Well, there is no simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question, because new opportunities are sprouting up despite the pandemic. To successfully wade through the ‘mess’ new businesses need to believe that ‘when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Having this attitude will most likely help you take risks and push narratives forward. It will also help you understand that when it comes to the process of making clothes in this chaotic world you might need to allow yourself to be inspired by the Surrealists and the Cubists. Do not let the closures of some of the most well-known global brands deter you. Now is the perfect time to begin your entrepreneurial journey. On this, designer Jeremy Scott’s words of advice, “Your body may be in quarantine, but your mind doesn’t have to be,” does not convince you on the benefits of starting your own clothing line then maybe these ten reasons will.

(1) There Is Less Competition for Resources

With some fashion businesses stuck between a pause and a pivot, it has been reported that there is less competition for resources. This means that navigating through troubled waters can be easier for those willing to adopt a less formal creative process. The advice is that you should concentrate on laying the foundation for your brand’s development by creating a network where you have access to resources that will help you start your business. 

(2) You Can Take Advantage Of New Tools and New Ways of Working

As the fashion design process continues to change, new fashion labels need to adopt a more flexible ‘we will figure it out’ mindset. Doing so will allow you to be more open to rewiring your creative development process. Also, it will give you the space to think outside of the box so you can welcome new tools and new ways of working with your team.

(3) Now Is A Great Moment to Experiment and Try New Techniques 

With social scientists making significant contributions to the field of fashion design research, this is a great moment to experiment and research new techniques that will assist you when you are designing. This could include finding new materials that you could use or utilizing technological innovations like open-sourcing of design and manufacturing to produce your garments. 

(4) Join The Conversation Addressing Economic and Manufacturing Realities

The emerging modern world is all about investing in tomorrow, which means that you need to think about economic and manufacturing realities. Doing so will help you set realistic expectations in terms of product delivery and product credibility. 

(5)  Sustainability and Consciousness Will Be Part Of Your DNA

The Coronavirus has drawn attention to why we need to have sustainability and consciousness embedded into our brand’s DNA. Moreover, it has also shown that the future of fashion will be built on not putting profits ahead of people’s health and safety. The lesson here is that the ‘old ways’ of doing business no longer work, so don’t adopt them. Instead steer your sustainable clothing line strategy towards a more clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry mindset.

(6) There Is More Access To Start-up Technology Innovation   

As the merger of fashion with technology continues to gain momentum. From the idea of virtual showrooms and digitally produced samples and campaigns are becoming a reality, the demand for start-up innovation has grown.  This means that you could have access to more advanced technology then there was a year ago, which is why new businesses should look to innovation when reimagining the direction that the fashion industry is headed in. 

(7) Transparency is Slowly Becoming The Norm

COVID-19 has emphasized the importance of brand transparency. Before the pandemic, being transparent was a choice, now it is a necessity. Brands are currently being held accountable for their environmental practices, so you must be open to disclosing your policies and commitments when it comes to social and ecological issues.

(8) There Is Always The Option To Invest In White Label Services

Would you consider a white label service? It is a method that involves purchasing blank clothing products that you can customize by adding print, tags, labels, etc. A company that is offering such a service is New Jersey-based Suuchi Inc., an end-to-end technology-enabled apparel supplier. The SuuchiX platform offers brands market-ready trend-tested products for wholesale purchase from an online B2B catalogue.

(9) Tools Of Trade Are Getting Better 

If you prefer to get creative, it is worth noting that there are various logistics software for fashion available to help you start your clothing line and aid your apparel design process. Two firm favourites are TUKATECH 3D Fashion Design and Garment Development Software and C-DESIGN Fashion Design and Collection Management.

(10) You, Will, Represent The Next Normal

Starting your own clothing line should be driven by a need to want to make a positive contribution to the decision-making process and not to keep the consumption machine going. Doing so will differentiate you from other fashion labels and prepare you for what is going to be the next normal.

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