The Unavoidable Decision to Cancel MFS Tradeshow, Gave Birth To FABRIC DAYS.

With uncertainty plaguing many tradeshows, MUNICH FABRIC START has come up with a different solution.

With the pandemic still dictating how we do business, for tradeshows it has not been business as usual. No longer able to offer the industry a platform where the meeting of minds takes place, a lot of fashion based shows have cancelled, including MUNICH FABRIC START.

MFS Cancelled, New Business-focused Platform Introduced

Previously scheduled to take place on 1st September 2020 until 3 September 2020, the MFS trade fair for the textile industry tried to work within restrictions bought about by the Covid-19 lockdown, but in the end, they had to finally confirm cancellation of the September edition. For the organisers, it was important to take into account the applicable safety and hygiene measures. Also, the ongoing travel restrictions in and outside of Europe played a role in their decision.

“Despite all our efforts we now had to make the difficult but unavoidable decision to cancel MUNICH FABRIC START and BLUEZONE from 1 – 3 September 2020 due to the continuing travel restrictions and further exhibitor cancellations as a result”, explained Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START. Klinder continues: “Our priority now is to offer a special format to those exhibitors and agencies who are willing and able to present their new products on this date. With FABRIC DAYS, we offer a business-focused platform in Munich that concentrates on the essentials and enables the industry to work efficiently under the new conditions.“

Sebastian Klinder

Going forward MUNICH FABRIC START’s philosophy is to now offer a platform to the exhibitors and agencies who want to keep this appointment and definitely want to exhibit in Munich. FABRIC DAYS is a special event format for a limited number of exhibitors in four halls of the MOC, taking into account the applicable safety and hygiene measures.

FABRIC DAYS will take place from 1 – 3 September 2020 in Munich presents a business-focused format which is reduced to the essentials and designed to stabilise and support the industry in the return to business. The MUNICH FABRIC START team will continue to pursue the goal of providing the industry with a valuable and positive impulse.

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