Asher Levine, In The Business of Material Innovation & Future Fashion

Did you know that you can now own an actual Levine jacket from his Vault Collection which features the Candy Moto, Janus, Shredder, and Illuminated Oversized biker jacket?

The man behind Lady Gaga’s stunning leather looks has opened The Vault which gives fans and trendsetters access to his Luxury Jackets of the Future. Known for his take on Future Gaga, Levine is a designer who has for the past decade been designing for a future where we will be driven by material design and 3D body mapping. I first met the Florida-born Levine, at Wear It Berlin in May 2018. I still vividly remember the conversations we had over a glass of wine on the rooftop of a building in Berlin. We talked about everything, including how he has successfully integrated design with technology dramatically and intriguingly.

The Vault Is Now Open: Creating New Types Of Fashion

In the business of custom apparel and material innovation in fashion and entertainment Levine’s powerful creations have attracted superstars like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato and, to name a few. Using 3-D body-mapping technology to create futuristic, second-skin designs, Levine told Vogue contributor Hamish Bowles: “I’m trying to find projects that are in that realm of cool future fashion.”

“I’m trying to find projects that are in that realm of cool future fashion.”

Recently, Levine decided to kick off the new decade with the Vault Collection, a year-long campaign of luxury jackets. “Everyone wants a cool jacket. Focusing on a handful of styles allows me to innovate made to measure process and add features like aesthetic illumination,” said Levine. A new style will emerge every month from the Asher Levine Vault in the designer’s signature future- chic aesthetic.

Image Credit: Asher Levine

Launched last month, in February 2020, the Vault Collection features the Candy Moto, Janus, Shredder, and Illuminated Oversized biker jacket. The styles merge the label’s unique leather and polymer moulding techniques with light programming that can be controlled by the wearer or respond Asher Levine to environmental sensors, music or angular acceleration. “Now you can change your look at the touch of a button, have it respond to your surroundings, or tether it to your motorbike for wearable signals. I like to play in the spectrum between beauty and utility” explains the designer.

Since starting Asher Levine label in 2010, the designer has had his original Concept Biker jacket featured in Museum of Modern Art’s “Items: Is fashion in 2017 and was named Forbes 30 Under 30 for Art & Style in 2018. Nowadays Levine works out of top-floor space in the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Los Angeles, after leaving the bright lights of New York City. “I miss the garment district a little bit in New York,” he admitted to Bowles, but LA to be a place that he can embrace his creativity and take it to another level.

Some examples of Levine’s cool jackets Image Credit: Asher Levine

If you would like to embrace the futurist rocker in you, it is good to know that Asher Levine jackets start at $2,950 for a Classic Moto up to Candy Moto at $69,000. A canvas prototype is created for every order, so start counting those pennies ladies and gentlemen, because I predict that owning a Levine will become a thing if it isn’t already!

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