Could MFS’ KEYHOUSE, BLUEZONE & ReSOURCE Be Departments of Innovation for Fashion Companies?

With innovative products and trend statements demonstrating a new awareness of ecology and the increasing relevance of natural looks and resource-saving materials, Munich Fabric Start sets the bar high for fashion tradeshows in 2020.

Did you miss this season’s Munich Fabric Start? Well if you did here is the low down. The 2nd biggest tradeshow in Europe has taken sustainability, digitalisation and transparency to a whole new level. Feeling that there is a growing need for information, the show has been giving attendees the opportunity to experience not only the traditional side of the show but also the innovation that takes place at the BLUEZONE, ReSOURCE and KEYHOUSE halls.

Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START (Left) Image Credit: Munich Fabric Start

The Solution-Oriented Tradeshow

The three day fair brags a professional business atmosphere and presents around 1,000 international suppliers of fabrics to approximately 18,400 international trade visitors. Sebastian Klinder, Managing Director MUNICH FABRIC START commented: “The MUNICH FABRIC START has shown very clearly that this fair format is convincing as a strong industry platform in times of changes and major challenges”. He continues: “Thanks to the professionalism and sovereignty of all those involved, the necessary responsibility to approach the reorientation of the market constructively and in a solution-oriented manner has been created. We have experienced this willingness in numerous discussions with exhibitors and visitors during the three intensively used days of the fair. We, therefore, feel confirmed in our current and future orientation.”

Theresa Austin, Advisor AKOJO MARKET, Co-founder Paris UIUX, LVMH Group Digital [middle] participating in the FashNerd panel in the KEYHOUSE alongside Pauline van Dongen [L] and Marta Waydel [R]. Also, on the panel was Stylianee. Image Credit: Munich Fabric Start

Those who attended the February 2020 edition enjoyed revelling in the main topic, sustainability. Theresa Austin, Advisor AKOJO MARKET, Co-founder Paris UIUX, LVMH Group Digital who attended for the first time as a participant in’s panel who took to the KEYHOUSE stage said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Munich Fabric Start.” She added “The Bluezone and Keyhouse, in particular, were eye-opening for me and I was very impressed at the number of suppliers working with innovative new technologies and methods to produce in more sustainable ways. It was a great showcase of sustainable innovation, and it was very inspirational to speak with so many experts on such a key topic. I left both motivated and educated, with a lot to share back into my work.

Rewriting Fashion’s Future With Innovations and Future Materials

Focusing on the mood of the industry, Munich Fabric Start’s KEYHOUSE, showcased future-oriented exhibitors, whose essential message embraced the era of sustainability. According to the show organisers, although the industry is on the right track, now is the time to take responsibility and turn information into action and create transparency. On the importance of taking this approach Frank Junker, Creative Director MUNICH FABRIC START said, “As a trade fair organiser, we also see ourselves in the role of an impulse generator with a potentially corresponding reach. Therefore, we attach particular importance to a qualitative and varied supporting programme which, thanks to international experts, offers an insight into current innovation topics, problems and solutions and thus forms the basis for transparent knowledge transfer.”

The Keyhouse has a unique energetic atmosphere with very inspiring visitors. Especially exciting was the great interest in holistic, sustainable concepts that go into depth. So the industry is definitely on the right track.”

-Chandra Prakash, Founder & CEO Cocccon

Embracing future-relevant topics, different aspects and innovations, concepts were communicated throughout the show; they were more concentrated in the well-attended side events, the KEYHOUSE, the ReSOURCE Area and the BLUEZONE. In the KEYHOUSE the SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS Area, curated by Simon Angel, received considerable attention. This season the visitors got to experience new materials and material extraction. “The Keyhouse has a unique energetic atmosphere with very inspiring visitors. Especially exciting was the great interest in holistic, sustainable concepts that go into depth. So the industry is definitely on the right track,” said Chandra Prakash, Founder & CEO Cocccon

The BLUEZONE, Rejecting Egoism

The BLUEZONE is definitely one of Munich Fabric Start’s main attractions. Bringing the denim industry’s challenges to the surface, the Blue Community, under the ECOISM theme, was looking for answers on how the industry can take a more conscious consumer approach. With growing interest in ready-made solutions that offer future-oriented products, the BLUEZONE brought state-of-the-art technological processes and complex functionalities to the attention of those attending the show.

The BLUEZONE Image Credit: Munich Fabric Start

On the community spirit of the ECOISM guiding theme and how it determines the future Alberto Candiani from Candiani Denim confirms: “ECOISM – I love the concept, the slogan, the theme of this year’s BLUEZONE”. He continues: ” It’s about green innovations, which must be visible and tangible, and about consumers who are better informed than ever before and are looking for a new way of consuming. We, as the Blue Community, are responsible for a massive change that will transform what is considered a “polluting” industry into a green model based on sustainable innovation and circularity. Denim can be seen as the most popular, “democratic” and perhaps “invasive” fabric ever made on the planet – and we, the Ecoists, want to change denim to become the representative flag for this revolution.

There is no denying that the future of the textile industry needs to always be in constant discussion. Having these conversations gives game-changers and pioneers a voice that helps them give traditionalists in the textile industry a glimpse of the future. When asked why I always support the KEYHOUSE, I always say that it is not only because the space is where fashion tech superstars come to present new innovations, sustainable developments, expert workshops and trend seminars but because the KEYHOUSE has become a “Department of Innovation” for fashion companies who have not got one.

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