Bellabeat’s New Leaf Crystal Designed To Help You Make Better Lifestyle Choices

Bellabeat's latest offering is all about supporting women through their wellness journey.

Today smart jewellery brand Bellabeat, launched a new product – the Leaf Crystal. Created with Swarovski® crystals the Leaf Crystal joins a wearable jewellery line that includes the Leaf Urban and the Leaf Chakra. Designed for wellness-conscious women, the Leaf Crystal has been described as the perfect combination of fashion, functionality and luxury.

The Leaf Crystal Image Credit: Bellabeat

Empowering Women With Wellness and Elegance

Inspired by classic elegance, the wellness tracking jewellery key features include a recyclable battery that supplies the piece of jewellery with energy for up to six months of uninterrupted use. Capable of wireless syncing the Leaf Crystal is made from natural wood composite and hypoallergenic steel and it has 14-day memory. “At Bellabeat, we believe in combining wellness and elegance. We have created Leaf Crystal with Swarovski® crystals to give women beautiful wellness tracking alternative that combines style, functionality and empowerment,” said Bellabeat CCO, Urska Srsen.

The Leaf Crystal Image Credit: Bellabeat

Besides the Crystal Leaf, Bellabeat has also launched the Bellabeat+ Membership subscription, alongside the new and updated Bellabeat Wellness Coach App. The app features include automatic sleep detection, stress monitoring technology, breathing and meditation exercises, and my favourite menstruation cycle tracking. Also, for the mamas out there, Bellabeat has introduced the baby monitoring app for foetal heartbeat listening and recording.

If you are tempted to invest in the Leaf Crystal, it is worth knowing that it is a piece of smart jewellery that will provide you with 360° insight into your well-being when synced with the Bellabeat Wellness Coach App. This means that your data will offer you, the wearer, unique content designed to help you make better lifestyle choices and achieve a more positive state of wellness.

The Leaf Crystal Image Credit: Bellabeat

“With the Bellabeat Wellness Coaching App, women can keep on top of their wellness with meditation exercises and activity tracking, lowering their stress levels, so they are more equipped to take on the day. We want to help women win at improving their overall wellness, even when challenges of work, family and everyday life get in their way, but we want them to look and feel great too,” commented Srsen.

The Leaf Crystal is the perfect piece of smart jewellery for a woman who enjoys setting her own wellness goals and conquering them with style. Available in rose gold or silver you can purchase the Leaf Crystal from for £199.00.

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