The Tago Arc Bracelet, Still All About Earth-friendly Technology

Yes, you can still get a the Tago Arc wearable tech bracelet.

Do you remember Tago Arc, the wearable tech bracelet by Liber8tech? It was launched successfully on Indiegogo back in 2015. The E Ink bracelet was backed by 517people; it raised $104,407, 261% more than their initial $40,000 goal. Well, unlike many other fashion tech startups that were gaining momentum back in 2015 before disappearing, they are still around.

Image Credit: Liber8tech

The US-Hungarian startup is run by a team of young forward thinkers striving to create products with their technologies and solutions. Hoping to disrupt static industries, Liber8tech has been busy integrating their technologies into various products, including their more well known smart bracelet.

The Tago Arc is a minimalistic bracelet with a geometric design. Made of a precious metal case, the wrist candy has been designed with an eco-friendly e-ink display, that allows the wearer to display an endless number of patterns to fit their mood. The Tago Arc also enables the wearer to match their outfit by making their very own pattern or there is always the option to choose from thousands of preset patterns in the Tago app.

The Tago Arc also enables the wearer to match their outfit. Image Credit: Liber8tech

Described as “modern and sophisticated” by the startup, the Tago Arc wearable device best selling point, in my opinion, is that it is a design fueled by innovative Earth-friendly technology. This means that there is no backlight and the low power requirement of display allows you to change patterns up to 1000 times for one charge. Also; there are no plugs or buttons or wires to carry with you either; you can use your smartphone to control the gadget.

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