Waverly Labs’ Latest Hearable, Breaking The Language Barrier At The Speed of Conversation

Pioneers of hearable devices, Waverly Labs, introduce Ambassador, a powerful, shareable tool that is compatible with 20 languages and 42 dialects launches.

Continuously looking to break the language barrier, Waverly Labs has launched its most sophisticated interpretation device to date. Announced today, the shareable tool, named Ambassador, is compatible with 20 languages and 42 dialects. It has been designed to provide accurate translations and works by delivering over-the-ear audio, text on a smart app, and for the first time, a translation can be broadcasted live in a conference environment.

Image Credit: Waverly Labs

Founded in 2014, Waverly Labs is an innovative consumer products company focusing on the convergence of wearable technology and speech translation. Its latest product, the Ambassador, follows the introduction of Pilot, Waverly Labs’ first consumer device, which generated over $5 million during pre-sales and has now shipped almost 40,000 units worldwide.

All About The Natural Interpretation Experience

Shareable and adaptable, Waverly Labs latest tool has a wide range of uses that are not only for consumers but also for various industry sectors. The Brooklyn-based startup’s hearable translator device can be used as a powerful business tool across a range of functions such as training/teaching, lectures/conferences and international team meetings.

On their drive to bring about natural interpretation to translation, Andrew Ochoa, CEO and Founder of Waverly Labs, explained: “To meet the needs of users who have long-multi-person conversations as well as those requiring a solution for shorter one-off interactions. We had to create a highly accurate device, can be quickly and easily set up, and can be shared in a safe and hygienic way,” Adding, “After 18 months of development and feedback from our Pilot customers, we are thrilled to announce Ambassador as the most advanced professional speech translation device on the market.”

Image Credit: Waverly Labs

So how does the sophisticated high-grade translation tool work? Well, the company explained that the device uses an advanced far-field microphone array combined with speech recognition neural networks to capture speech with astounding levels of clarity. It then seamlessly processes speech with cloud-based machine translation engines to deliver, fast, fluid and highly accurate translations.

A Shareable Versatile Tool

Fast, fluid and fluent, the sleek device is worn over-the-ear that offers prosumers a highly accurate and natural interpretation experience. Extremely easy-to-use and set up, the Ambassador can be paired with a smartphone using its iOS and Android app. Working with an intuitive app, Ambassador allows users to select and switch between the languages they wish to detect and interpret, which can be changed in seconds.

When it comes to features, the Ambassador has three translations modes: Listen/Lecture/Converse. The listen mode provides seamless personal translations by actively listening for someone speaking in the selected language taking place around it (within 2.5 meters/8 feet) — created to automatically translate to the user in their native language audibly within the device and/or as text with the accompanying app. Then there is the lecture mode which broadcasts the words of a speaker wearing the device to multiple people in a lecture, conference or group setting. Once selected, Ambassador will capture the speech of the user and stream audio translations to their smartphone, which can be played over its loudspeaker or paired to any audio system.

Image Credit: Waverly Labs

Lastly, there is a converse mode. This is the mode that allows users to engage in two way communications while each is wearing an Ambassador device (sold in pairs). Each user sets the languages they want to detect and receive, and they can configure their Ambassador experience using their smartphone or share a device in guest mode. In this configuration, people can partake in fluid, natural conversations with up to four participants, as multiple Ambassador units can be paired with a single smartphone.

Available in either black or wine red, the over-the-ear shell form-factor allows units to be quickly and hygienically shared between users. The Ambassador has also been designed with a large microphone array, which means two mics can work in tandem to capture speech up to 2.5 meters away. All about convenience, the Ambassador can have up to four units paired with one smartphone

Bragging up to 6 hours of battery life, you can pre-order the Ambassador on Indiegogo today for an early bird price of $99.00. The Ambassador will be shipped as of November 2019. After the crowdfunding campaign ends, the retail price of the hearable device will start at $149.

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