Smartwatches That Tackle Environment, Safety and Health Issues (Designed by Kids!)

What does the future hold for smartwatches, and is wearable technology suitable for the wellbeing of children? UK store Currys PC World collaborated with kids and parents from across Britain to investigate.

This week, the conversation on sustainability was centred around the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The event attracts ‘adults’ with solutions that not only assist the fashion industry but are also beneficial to both people and the planet. The good news is that this is a problem that is not only looking to be solved by the grown-ups, but kids are also coming up with viable solutions that are blend of imagination and brilliance.

Image Credit: Currys PC World

Can Wearable Tech Make The World a Better Place?

A couple of decades ago, the words’ smart watch’ meant something entirely different – alluding to an altogether different kind of ‘smart’. It would have been hard to imagine that in just a few years, our watches would be so smart that they would basically serve as our very own digital assistants.

As wearables continue to play a significant role in our lives, Currys PC World asked a group of young children aged 14 and below how they would make the world a better place with a smartwatch. Designed to be both eco-friendly and pro-wellbeing, the smartwatches that the kids involved came up proved that they are pretty switched on to issues such as the environment, safety and health.

Of all the ingenious designs, finalised by a professional illustrator, there was one futuristic gadget that stood out for us. It was the Eco Assistant by Lacie Greenhalgh. With the environment front and centre, Lacie’s smartwatch design was all about minimising damage to our planet by encouraging recycling and using a green source of power. An inbuilt plastic scanner allows users to scan their rubbish to find out if it can be recycled or not – something that can cause confusion when it comes to disposing of certain items, e.g. clear plastic vs. black plastic. The watch also boasted a mini solar panel that charges the device using natural energy generated by the sun.

Eco Assistant by Lacie Greenhalgh.

On top of the eco-advantages of this smartwatch, Lacie’s design also aims to aid a good night’s sleep, with a handy sleep monitor tracking both the length and quality of it each night. In turn, this information can encourage earlier bedtimes, or identify potential sleep disruptions.

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Although I was most wowed by Lacie’s efforts, it was great to see the young illustrators thinking outside of the box and coming up with revolutionary smartwatches with purpose. This was definitely a collaboration with an underlying message, do not underestimate a child’s interest in the environment.

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