Novus, The Perfect Smartwatch Wearable Device For Youngsters?

A revolutionary phone, smartwatch, and home assistant explicitly designed for children launches on Kickstarter.

Dedicated to satisfying the needs of both kids and parents alike, the company behind Novus, Abardeen, has come up with a smartwatch device that successfully combines phone, watch and home assistant. The California based company are not new to this space, they have been producing smartphones for kids for more than ten years.

Image Credit: Abardeen

Marketed as a smart choice for a child’s first mobile device, the Novus wearable provides reliable communication, location services, and fun features. Designed in a way that will ensure that a child can safely use the internet, the device also makes it possible for children to stay connected with their parents. Driven to accommodate the needs of children, the kid-sized mini phone has a touch wheel controller and a core device that sits securely on the wrist so it won’t get lost or left behind.

Powered by Google Assistant, Novus can also be a useful information tool and multimedia player. On their kid-friendly product Jacko Liu, CEO Abardeen said; “When we set out to build Novus, we wanted to take the latest available technology and apply it to the unique needs of a child and their parents. We knew that it would have to be simple to use and fun, with features that kids love, yet have the power of parental controls and a reliable way for parents to reach their kids anytime and anywhere. Novus is the best of both worlds, a phone that kids love and that parents approve of.”

For the nervous parent, Novus could be a great way to give your child independence while still being able to stay connected. With the ability to also be helpful in SOS situations, the phone allows parents to track their kid’s location at all times. The other useful feature is that parents can also manage their kid’s devices in several valuable ways that include
contact filter, exercise tracker and disable the period feature that limits screen time.

So far £32,741 has been pledged of their initial £7,881 goal. If you want to join the 224 backers, you still have16 days to pledge your interest.

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