Would you pay £38k for a contactless luxury bracelet that lets you spend up to £200,000?

There is a new elegant piece of contactless technology that allows you to make substantial payments with the simple tap of your wrist.

There is a new bracelet that has allows you to go beyond the £30.00 upper limit and instead you can spend up to £200,000 with the flick of your wrist or if you prefer you can set your own upper limit.

Supported by Mastercard, the elegant piece of technology, by Armillion, is made of ceramic and it has been treated with a diamond-like carbon coating to ward off scratches. Bragging technology similar to that of a high-end Swiss watch, one of the perks is that the waterproof piece of jewellery does not need any batteries or charging making it one less thing that you need to plug to the wall.

Bringing The Power To Your Wrist

A handcrafted jewel is a piece of wearable technology that has been in development of years. The multi-key device boasts encrypted security access for more than 128 locks. Equipped with key-less technology means that we can look forward to being able to use the bracelet to unlock our car and home. To make this happen Armillion will work with the manufacturer of the lock to programme the specific frequency into your bracelet.

The company good news is that Armillion is working with partners like the Four Seasons Hotel so you can if you choose, check in and proceed to your room where it will be unlockable via a frequency programmed into your bracelet. If you are now thinking what about security, you will be happy to know that the ability to unlock will be deleted as soon as you check out. All these extras will be available via the Armillion app.

The sleek wrist candy, which would most likely appeal to the kids of Beverley Hills, is available in either rose or yellow gold from £38,130. Each edition of the statement tech bracelet is limited to ten worldwide. Are you ready to empower your wrist? If you are then feel free to request your interest.

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