First Evening Fashion Tech Wear Collection Launched By Chelsea Klukas

MakeFashion’s Co-Founder Chelsea Klukas is bringing something different to the table with the launch of the first evening fashion tech wear collection.

This month Chelsea Klukas, who co-founded MakeFashion from a coffee shop, launched the first evening tech wear collection. Besides hoping to give consumers the opportunity to purchase fashion tech at a reasonable price, she also hopes to attract fashion experts to wear them too.

The collection, called Lumen Couture, was exhibited at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this season. Designed using new and modern technology, the Seattle-based Maison’s collection brags fashion tech ornaments that have been merged with their striking gowns.

Cruelty-free and eco-friendly, the collection includes the Dark Power a range that blends into your wardrobe with LED lights that can be activated and change colours as well as patterns with the touch of a button. And the Sequin Collection, that includes an innovative removable, washable lining to stay clean for repeated wearings.

Although she is dedicated to the launch of her new collection, Klukas is also still touring all year-round teaching fashion tech and innovations. The talented creative is also actively involved with STEM to raise awareness for young girls and fashion.

On her latest venture, Klukas, who is also Product Design Manager at Facebook, confidently stated: “Any dress can be customised with music, or lights up based on the temperature or heart rate”. This is great news for those who lean towards DIY fashion tech, and for those who don’t, Lumen Couture is now available nationwide to either buy or to rent.

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