Lifekey Wearables, Changing The Way We Access Our Personal Health Data

Designed for the internet of people (IoP), Lifekey is a smart wearable designed to protect and connect by giving first responders, family and friends access to your health information in emergency situations.

There is no denying that health wearables are transforming the way we access and share our personal health data. Promising to give us more than just heartbeat information, we can now look to devices like Lifekey to help us store, protect and provide temporary access to our personal medical data when it’s needed most.

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Remember, It’s Your Data

Intended for all walks of life, Lifekey has come up with a smart wearable designed to provide one-touch access to your identification, emergency contacts, and medical data such as blood type, allergies, prescriptions, insurance information with just a tap. “Our technology is highly versatile, and is at as a global platform,” said Lifekey Founder and CEO, Jason Kintzler. “It allows first responders to have immediate, potentially life-saving access to personal safety information in emergencies, but can also be just as critical in enabling a parent to locate their child or help reunite a family with their pet. Lifekey provides safety, connection and peace of mind.”

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Currently, the company offers three connected device styles: a silicone Wristband, a Micro Tag that doubles as a zipper pull, and an adhesive, fabric Smart Patch. The great thing is that each device is waterproof, durable and doesn’t require batteries or charging. Working in combination with the Lifekey app, users can lock their data, manage and share it as they see fit. In an emergency, designated contacts are also able to grant temporary access to responders.

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Looking to the future, Lifekey plans to be heavily focused on integration by working with existing manufacturers in both hard and soft goods to bring Lifekey technology to their consumers through a variety of products. For now, you can purchase the Lifekey devices online and as for the Lifekey app, it is available for both Android and iOS.

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