COTY Introduces Multi-sensory Fragrance Experience Powered By Mixed Reality

Unveiled for the first time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the experience helps shoppers explore Coty’s luxury fragrance portfolio and find their perfect scent match.

Imagine wearing a virtual reality headset which allows you to partake in a fully immersive journey across the world of fine fragrances; this is precisely what COTY has done. The beauty company has found a way of introducing a revolutionary fragrance via discovery experience by mixing touch, smell, sound and sight.

Image Credit: COTY

Fully Immersive Mixed Reality Journey Liberates Beauty

Launched in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the shopper first picks up one of seven scent stones, which each represent a unique olfactive territory, before being propelled into an immersive universe which brings the specific olfactive area to life through the scented and texturised stone, 3D visuals and sound. This then allows shoppers to discover their perfect fragrance match based on their preferred territory. The innovative use of mixed reality (MR) will enable shoppers to remain in the store environment while providing an additional layer of magic and otherworldliness that the fragrance category is known for.

“The technological breakthrough of mixing real scents with virtual reality is unprecedented.”

On their exploration of MR, Elodie Levy, Senior Director, Digital Innovation at Coty, said: “When we set out on this project, we aimed to create a future-facing retail experience that merged the physical and digital worlds to help users navigate the rich and complex world of fragrances. The result provides shoppers with an incredible experience that marries art, science, and technology. The technological breakthrough of mixing real scents with virtual reality is unprecedented. We aim to scale this experience across multiple Coty brands and with select retail partners, providing a better fragrance experience and service for consumers.”

Image Credit: COTY

The experience was developed by Coty’s in-house innovation teams in collaboration with DVgroup, an award-winning digital and VR innovation studio that mixes genres and formats to create striking immersive and interactive experiences.

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