3D Printed Footwear Collection That Fuses of Footwear Design and Technology Launches

Design studio Ica & Kostika announce the launch of the Exobiology Collection.

Ica & Kostika, an emerging luxury footwear brand known for accentuating the fusion of footwear design and technology, has launched its first footwear collection. Even though it doesn’t look like it, the structured and highly intricate shoes have been constructed to fit the natural form of the foot comfortably.

Seahorse Shoe (Image credit: Ica & Kostika)

Adopting hybrid of techniques and exploiting the advantages of various industrial processes, including both additive and subtractive fabrication, Ica Paru explains; “This collection is a celebration of the natural systems that create beautiful intricacies and how we can go beyond nature to create a form engineered to our desires, something otherworldly.”

Striking, amazing silhouettes, the Exobiology collection is made up of four styles; Corals, Seahorse, Spines and Mycelium. The lightweight Coral shoes utilise the branching of a sea fan and come in three variations of wedges changing their branching structure. The Seahorse shoes borrow the same beautiful skeletal structure of a seahorse and have a wide range of materials and hand-painted finishes, each with their unique geometric form.

The Spine shoes, available in three finishes: silver, white and black chrome, manipulate the vertebrae of the spine to create a continuous form along the foot. Finally, the Mycelium shoes are inspired by the radial growth of the mycelial branching from mushrooms and are three variations: a wedge, a heel, and an extreme heel-less style.

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The studio highlights exclusive small production runs while focusing on computational innovation, so they are currently only taking limited requests to produce designs from the collection. Prices available on request.

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