Wallor Wearables Introduces A Smart Wallet With Real-time GPS Tracking System

Converging fashion wearables and advanced tech, Wallor 2.0 has been designed with a tracking/scanning algorithm adapted for regular human use.

How many of us have lost our wallet? I am definitely one of those people who has lost their wallet a considerable number of times. I literally went through the seven stages of grief before finally accepting that my wallet was gone, only then did I pick up the phone to cancel all my bank cards and re-order my driving licence yet again. Now, this is all about to change, thanks to a new wallet that is promising to make losing your wallet a thing of the past.

Image Credit: Wallor Wearables

The Wallor 2.0 is the latest wearable from Wallor Wearables, a company known for specialising in men’s smart wearable fashion. The wallet has been designed with real-time GPS tracking,  which works worldwide whether you are in London, Amsterdam or NY. “You can easily track exactly where your wallet is and where it has been with our state of the art mapping system,” states the tech fashion brand on their Kickstarter page.

What makes the Wallor 2.0 special is that it has been created with the kind of technology that will notify you with alerts whenever your wallet moves away from you. The good news is that the Wallor 2.0 is not the company’s first outing in the wearable tech field. They previously raised seed capital for their original smart wallets, the Wallor 1.0, two years ago. This time around they managed to receive $75,000 worth of pledges in the first few days of their new Kickstarter campaign.

The Wallor Smart Wallet Packed With Innovation

The wallet is integrated with Wallor’s patent-pending technology with a tracking functionality that utilises augmented reality and enables the wallet holder to easily find displaced personal valuables like keys, passport, and similar using the wallet’s free app. Looking to be ahead of the competition, Wallor offers its customers accuracy, free data plan, and global coverage. Our favourite feature has to be the wallet’s ability to charge our phone thanks to an integrated wireless power bank.

Our favourite feature has to be the wallet’s ability to charge our phone thanks to an integrated wireless power bank. Image Credit: Wallor Wearables

Having tested the smart wallet, the company has made sure that their integrated RFID and short-range Bluetooth anti-theft protection functions properly. “In today’s modern age, people shouldn’t have to go through the pain of losing their wallets, replacing all their IDs or ordering new credit cards and scraping emergency cash to survive until they arrive. Not to mention the ultimate stressful situation like losing your passport in a foreign country,” says Viorel Cretu, Wallor’s CEO and adds, “Replacing your IDs and cancelling credit cards is probably one of the biggest nightmares in the world. I wanted to make sure I’ll never go through it again. So I created the solution.”

The New York-based smart fashion brand will be delivering the Wallor 2.0 in May 2019. Fund the campaign.

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